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White Papers

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Efficiencies in Broadcast Transmitters
Martyn Horspool


How the industry can take steps to improve power efficiency for economic and environmental benefits via TCO assessment of gear

Broadcast Transmission Systems – Efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership
Martyn Horspool


How transmitter TCO covers energy-saving advances in solid-state RF devices, PA technology, cooling systems, and more

Sistemas Transmisores de Radiodifusión ‐ Eficiencia y Costo Total de Propiedad
Martyn Horspool (traductor: Dave Sparano)


Cómo "TCO" del transmisor cubre los avances de ahorro de energía en dispositivos de RF de estado sólido, tecnología de PA, y más

Methods for Mitigating IP Network Packet Loss in Real Time Audio Streaming Applications
Keyur Parikh and Junius Kim


How packet losses in real networks can be modeled, and the effectiveness of various mitigation techniques using these models

Providing Media-Rich Content Using Digital Radio
Tim Anderson


Principals, systems, protocols and applications for presenting graphical content via enhanced digital broadcast transmission

Digital Radio – A Global Perspective
Rich Redmond

NAB Show 2012

Global status of implementation and usage of digital radio systems, including proposed end of analog FM in some countries

Is Mobile TV (MTV) Really a Mobile Delivery Vehicle (MDV)?
Rich Redmond

BroadcastAsia 2010

Content delivery options and business models available on digital multimedia broadcast networks, including impact on spectrum

Extending Your HD Radio™ Footprint
Geoff Mendenhall

NAB Show 2010 (Winner of Best Paper Award)

About facility planning requirements and technology choices needed to improve HD signal coverage

Multimedia Transmission Network Implementation
Rich Redmond

BroadcastAsia 2009

The key considerations/evaluations when developing implementation plans for new terrestrial digital multimedia networks

“On Channel” Repeater Implementation for HD Radio™ Coverage Improvement
Rich Redmond

NAB Show 2009

Use of "on-channel" repeaters or gap fillers to enhance coverage, exploring space planning, power levels and ongoing costs
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