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Archive of Past Webinars

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Consolas y Equipmiento de Audio (Español)
Gabriel Palmieri

Recorded 4/6/2016

Tenemos el agrado de invitarlo a nuestro próximo webinar sobre consolas y equipamiento de audio que se realizara el dí...
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Radio HD, Tecnologia e Mercado (Português)
Paulo Tukiama

Recorded 4/4/2016

Convidamos a todos para participar de um Webinar Técnico, neste será apresentado temas relacionados com Radio HD, a nova tecnologia de...
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Transporte de Áudio sobre IP (Português)
Paulo Tukiama

Recorded 3/21/2016

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HD Radio: Tecnologia y Mercado (Español)
Gonzalo Hernandez

Recorded 3/9/2016

Lo invitamos a participar de un nuevo webinar tecnico, en el cual veremos los temas relacionados con HD Radio, la nueva tecnologia de radio...
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TWiRT Ep. 294 - GatesAir with Rich Redmond
TWiRT - This Week in Radio Tech

Recorded 3/4/2016

GatesAir traces its origins to 1922 when the Gates Radio Company was founded by Parker Gates. Rich Redmond, Chief Products Officer at GatesAir, joins Kirk...
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E-Week 2016 | Mobile Technology Trends & Implications for Broadcasters
Presented by: TR Stoner (Univision)

Recorded 2/25/2016

Learn about the television and radio broadcasting industry of today and tomorrow, including successful strategies, upcoming innovations, and future needs. Part of the GatesAir...
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E-Week 2016 | High-Performance RF Material
Presented by: Ed Sandor (Taconic) and Lee Klaus (Cain-Forlaw)

Recorded 2/24/2016

This presentation will provide an overview of printed circuit board material systems, covering the differences in electrical (dielectric constant, dissipation factor) and mechanical (moisture...
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E-Week 2016 | Advanced Digital Radio: DAB / DAB+
Presented by: Tim Anderson

Recorded 2/22/2016

In this webinar, we will discuss the digital radio service known as Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB.  We will explore the past, present...
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Transporte de Audio Sobre IP (Español)
Gabriel Palmieri

Recorded 2/3/2016

Este webinar cubrirá los temas relativos a aplicaciones del transporte de audio sobre IP y la familia de productos IP-Link, streaming via web,...
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U.S. Repack: Its Impact on FM Broadcasters
Presented by: Rich Redmond (GatesAir) and Dan Fallon (Dielectric)

Recorded 1/27/2016

To help fulfill the increasing demand for wireless broadband access in America, the FCC plans to reallocate a portion of broadcast spectrum used by...
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