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Network Audio Management-Routing

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Flexiva™ VMXpress IP

Audio & Logic Interface

VMXpress IP, the next-generation GatesAir VMXpress device, provides exceptional value for broadcasters that need physical inputs and outputs inside each studio. As a networked...

Flexiva™ VMXpress

Audio and Logic Interface

The Flexiva™ VMXpress system harnesses the Flexiva VistaMax™ digital studio network’s provision for both centralized and distributed audio and logic...

Flexiva VistaVue™

Workflow Management Software

Operating a Flexiva VistaMax™ network has never been easier with VistaVue™ workflow management software.  Interfaces are definable for each user to...

Flexiva VMQuadra™

Automation and Computer Interface

An elegant interface between Flexiva VistaMax™ digital studio networks and automation computers, the Flexiva VMQuadra™ interface tackles a number of key issues ...

Flexiva™ VMConnect

Audio Management Frame

The Flexiva VMConnect audio management frame makes powerful, flexible Flexiva VistaMax™ digital studio networks an option for radio station operations of all sizes....

Flexiva VistaMax™

Audio Management Frame

The Flexiva VistaMax™ system serves as the network core of multi-station facilities with demanding requirements for shared resources and on-the-fly changes. The optical...

GatesAir is a pioneer in networked audio management solutions for radio broadcast studios, simplifying how on-air and production staff collaborate across creative environments. Flexible, scalable and intuitive, GatesAir networked audio management solutions comprise a range of distributed solutions that help broadcasters establish customized, highly efficient facility-wide architectures for moving audio and data between two or more locations using industry-standard IT cabling.

GatesAir’s extensive range of networked audio management systems ensures a solution for every budget. Distributed audio and logic interfaces and workflow management software allow broadcasters to build the right system today, and scale with ease to accommodate future growth. Clean, intuitive connections to every on-air and production console on the network enable staff to easily recall sources from any other network location.

Integration is also simplified through using the shortest physical path to connect sources and destinations. Broadcasters can reduce costs through minimal wiring and fewer components between studios and the central equipment room, and increase local flexibility through an array of intelligent edge devices. The ability to increase local I/O capacity and network connectivity across newsrooms, editing suites and other locations simplifies signal routing and control across medium to large studio facilities, while smaller facilities can establish low-cost network hubs directly within the main on-air studio.

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