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Radio Broadcast Studio Consoles

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Flexiva NetWave™

Networkable Digital Audio Console

The Flexiva NetWave™ networkable digital audio system delivers the extensive features, operational flexibility and robust construction needed for standalone operation in both on-air...

Flexiva Oasis™

On-Air and Production Audio Console

Flexiva Oasis™ is a high-value standalone audio console for on-air and radio production applications. Simply connect microphones, source equipment and audio monitors —...

Flexiva RMXdigital™

Broadcast Audio Console

The Flexiva RMXdigital™ system features a compact design that offers high reliability, excellent performance, operational flexibility, easy-to-use controls, and robust construction. In addition...

Flexiva StereoMixer™ digital

Compact Audio Console

Flexiva StereoMixer™digital is a cost-effective, compact audio console, combining a small form factor with the digital performance you expect. Flexiva StereoMixerdigital...

GatesAir’s professional studio solutions enable broadcasters of all sizes to make great radio. In fact, seven of the top ten revenue-producing stations use GatesAir studio solutions, starting with a complete range of networked digital audio consoles. Leveraging IT connectivity to provide operational flexibility and tremendous ease of use, GatesAir offers an industry-leading selection to help broadcasters work efficiently and creatively on the air and across production environments.

Part of the company’s growing Flexiva brand, GatesAir networked digital audio consoles provide a solution for every studio. Large multi-studio facilities can mix and match various consoles to cover everything from multisource on-air requirements (music, talk) to lighter production needs (voice tracking, newsrooms). Though networkable by nature, GatesAir digital audio consoles also offer standalone configurations for smaller on-air and production operations who require exceptional quality and performance without the extra bells and whistles.

Compact and lightweight, GatesAir digital audio consoles condense high channel counts, flexible I/O options and more into appealing form factors for the most efficient use of surrounding real estate. Operational flexibility extends to sleek visual metering tools that help broadcasters of any experience level to understand what their audience is hearing with exact precision.

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