GatesAir’s leadership position in over-the-air AM radio originates from decades of innovation and trusted reliability.  The next-generation Flexiva™ range of AM transmitters from 1kw to 2MW propels that legacy forward, with groundbreaking advances that ensure the best possible efficiency and quality available in AM radio broadcasting today.
Flexiva transmitters deliver a robust, high-performance over-the-air solution for every broadcaster, with fully broadband designs that boost reliability and simplify maintenance across all power levels.  Built-in PowerSmart 3D technology enhances power and operational efficiency across all Flexiva AM transmitters to deliver the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership - helping broadcasters reduce monthly bills and carbon footprints in any scenario.  Furthermore, available dynamic carrier control algorithms further reduce operating costs without diminishing coverage.
Broadcasters can count on Flexiva AM transmitters as a common platform to handle all AM and digital broadcasting requirements.  The industry’s most reliable AM transmitters have been designed from the start to accommodate high-quality analog, HD Radio and DRM broadcasts, enabling broadcasters to operate a reliable, high-quality digital radio service from day one, or quickly upgrade to digital via simple software updates.  Redundant design characteristics and an array of comprehensive diagnostics help broadcasters ensure exceptional on-air performance on a consistent basis.