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IOT Transmitter Upgrade and Support

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GatesAir has established the Working Together program to assure inductive output tube (IOT) transmitter customers that their investment can be secure. As the market leader in digital TV transmitters, and a company that has continuously served the broadcasting industry since 1922, GatesAir is uniquely qualified to provide service programs that keep the transmitters operating today, and offer migration paths to newer technology when appropriate.

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Best Service in the Industry

GatesAir performs services ranging from simple troubleshooting and component replacement to complete overhaul and refurbishment for all types of transmission equipment. Staffed by expert engineers and technicians, our process includes testing your equipment to factory test procedures.

As part of our commitment to Working Together, we have assembled a strong team of factory and field engineers who know IOT transmitters and are poised to offer you a wide range of support — from proof of performance to emergency, off-air services.

We Connect What's Next

We also offer the industry’s broadest line of energy-efficient transmitters, so when the time is right, we can offer you a strong path to newer, “greener” technology. We also partner with industry leading financial companies to provide you with a variety of appropriate financing solutions.

Today, you need to ensure that your IOT transmitter is properly supported. GatesAir is ready to demonstrate to you our skills and commitment to providing exactly the level of support you need.

Tomorrow, you may wish to transition to new transmitters that dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership. GatesAir can offer you the best products, support and financing to make that transition both reasonable and manageable.

Come, let us start Working Together. No manufacturer is more committed to standing behind your over-the-air operations than GatesAir.

Cost Comparison

Example scenario: IOT vs. SS transmitter (excerpted from April 12, 2015, presentation at NAB 2015)

Contact your local GatesAir sales manager today for more information!

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