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U.S. Repack Webinar

Presented by: Jay Adrick and Joe Seccia

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A recording of GatesAir's educational online seminar on the U.S. Spectrum Repack process and its potential implications to the transmission infrastructure of all TV broadcasters and networks.

Topics covered include:

  • What is TV Spectrum Repack?
  • Spectrum Auction & Repack Timeline
  • Brief Overview of the Broadcast Television Incentive Auction
  • Transmitter Plant RF Equipment and Repacking Issues
  • Transmitter Channel Change or Replacement?
  • Technological Implications
  • Q&A

Repack / ATSC 3.0 Roadmap [PDF, 8MB]

Printable Detailed Diagram and Workflow for Broadcasters

NAB Show 2015 Presentation

TV Spectrum Auction & Repack Update

NAB Show 2015 Presentation

Preparing for the U.S. Repack

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