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Strengthening IP data protection for radio
TVBEurope, 9/19/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®IP链路MPXp , Intraplex®IP链路

Radio World Announces “Best of Show” Awards at IBC
Radio World, 9/18/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®IP链路MPXp , Intraplex®IP链路

New Bay Best of Show Awards at IBC 2017 winners revealed
Pro Sound News Europe, 9/18/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®IP链路MPXp , Intraplex®IP链路

IBC: GatesAir unveils new enhancements to Intraplex® networking solutions
TM Broadcast, 9/18/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®IP链路MPXp , Intraplex®IP链路

Smokestack Lightning and Liquid Cooling in Bridgeport
Radio Magazine, 9/18/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Flexiva™FLX与3D的PowerSmart® , FlexStar®HDE-200 , FlexStar®HDI-200

Advanced Media : State of the industry
4-Traders, 9/18/2017
产品/解决方案参考: 电视台

Future-proof FM MPX codec
TVBEurope, 9/17/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®IP链路MPXp

Upping liquid-cooled efficiency
TVBEurope, 9/16/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Maxiva™ULXTE有加的PowerSmart® , Maxiva™XTE

Future-proof FM codec
TVBEurope, 9/15/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®IP链路MPXp

GatesAir Strengthens IP Data Protection for Radio
Content+Technology ANZ, 9/12/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®IP链路MPXp , Intraplex®IP链路

GatesAir’s IP-Enabled VHF Transmitter for DAB Radio
Content+Technology ANZ, 9/12/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Maxiva™VAXTE有加的PowerSmart® , Maxiva™XTE

GatesAir and Meditel Peru Relocate Four Broadcasters to New TV Channel Assignments
Broadcast Beat, 9/11/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Maxiva™ULXT与3D的PowerSmart®

GatesAir and Meditel Peru Relocate Four Broadcasters to New TV Channel Assignments, 9/11/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Maxiva™ULXT与3D的PowerSmart®

GatesAir to unveil latest wireless tech at IBC
Digital Studio Middle East, 9/11/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Maxiva™ULXTE有加的PowerSmart® , Maxiva™VAXTE有加的PowerSmart® , Intraplex®IP链路MPXp , 电视台, 广播电台, 网络运营商

SBG, WatchTV Ready For New Rounds Of ATSC 3.0 SFN Tests
TV Technology, 9/7/2017
产品/解决方案参考: 你准备好使用ATSC 3.0?, ATSC 3.0:发射器和监控, Maxiva™ULXT与3D的PowerSmart®

GatesAir Partners With Janus Worldwide To Provide Localized Global Ready Content
World News Report, 9/5/2017
产品/解决方案参考: 电视台, 广播电台, 网络运营商

Considering STL in an IT-centric World
Radio World, 9/1/2017
产品/解决方案参考: 广播电台, 终端到终端的无线电, Intraplex®IP链路MPXp , Intraplex®IP链路 , Intraplex®高清一线通™

GatesAir to Provide Raycom Media with Repack Transmitters and Services, 8/30/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Maxiva™ULXTE有加的PowerSmart® , Maxiva™UAXTE有加的PowerSmart® , Maxiva™VAXTE有加的PowerSmart® , Maxiva™XTE , 你准备好使用的频谱重新包装?, 频谱重新包装:发射器和监控, 电视台, 地面数字电视

IBC Sneak Peek: GatesAir Launches Maxiva Vaxte DAB Transmitter
Radio World, 8/25/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Maxiva™VAXTE有加的PowerSmart® , Maxiva™XTE , 广播电台, 终端到终端的无线电, 网络运营商

Dielectric Ships Powerlite UHF Solutions to Ethiopia
InBroadcast, 8/25/2017
产品/解决方案参考: 电视台, 地面数字电视, Maxiva™ULXT与3D的PowerSmart®

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