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DVB-T2 Technology and New Products
Martyn Horspool


Workshop on DVB-T2 and GatesAir TV products for deploying first-class DVB-T2 networks

Maximizing FM Coverage – Advances in Technology & Design
Rich Redmond


How to leverage SFN deployment and advances in program transport, network timing, and transmission systems to expand FM coverage

DAB+: Efficient Content Delivery
Rich Redmond


How DAB/DAB+ reduces power consumption while expanding content delivery capabilities

DVB-T2 Impact on Business Models
Rich Redmond

ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2012

How DVB-T2 affects network planning, green broadcasting, resources

Single Frequency Network Structural Aspects & Practical Field Considerations
Rich Redmond


How to best deploy SFN for DVB-T2 stations and when/why you should

DVB-T and DVB-T2 Comparison and Coverage
Rich Redmond and Steve Rossiter


Detailed description and analysis of DVB-T2 coverage and data rate improvements over DVB-T

A Study and Comparison of Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for RF Power Amplifiers
Geoff Mendenhall

NAB Show 2011

Investigation/comparison of technologies to improve DC to RF efficiency of solid-state, linear, RF power amplifiers

Modern FM Transmission Technologies
Rich Redmond


Improving FM power amplification infrastructure via Flexiva solid-state FM transmitters

On Channel Repeater Implementation for HD Radio™ Coverage Improvement
Rich Redmond


Technologies and techniques for improving HD Radio coverage: SFN transmission; FM boosters; gap fillers

A Case for Digital Radio
Rich Redmond


Discussion on digital radio, including consumer trends, cost benefits, data content, and more
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