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Joseph (Joe) Mack

Chief Revenue Officer

Joseph (Joe) Mack serves as Chief Revenue Officer for GatesAir, bringing more than 35 years of global radio and television management to the company.  Responsible for all worldwide sales activity, he leads a large and experienced team of sales professionals across the globe, while also working directly with customers throughout the world.

Mack joined Midwest Communication in 1981, which became Harris Corporation in 1990.  He has held several leadership roles at Harris Broadcast and Harris Corporation’s Broadcast Communications Division over the years, including sales management at the uppermost company levels for more than a decade.  His sharp sense of relationship building and customer commitment has been key to his success, which has resulted in record sales levels for radio and television transmission businesses across the Americas.

Prior to joining Midwest Communication, Mack was instrumental in developing instant news as we know it today and has campaigned satellite flyaway terminals all over the world, specifically for BBC, CBB, CBS, and NBC.  His key achievements include the Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Iceland, along with the Tiananmen Square uprising in Beijing.