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Tony Kobrinetz

Vice President, Engineering

Tony Kobrinetz serves as Vice President of Engineering for GatesAir, responsible for the leadership of the company's product design, new technology strategy, and quality management. He is based at the company’s headquarters in Mason, Ohio, outside of Cincinnati.

As a seasoned technology and business professional, Kobrinetz has devoted over 40 years to the shaping of mobile telephony, wireless local area networks, cellular telecommunications and other wireless networks and radios. He has held executive-level positions in product development, supply chain and system implementation of innovative communications equipment.

Previously he was COO, CTO and Senior Vice President for PCTEL Inc., an antenna and test equipment provider to the wireless communications market. He was responsible for setting corporate direction in Engineering of new technology areas, domestic U.S. and International operations excellence, Quality management, Chief Technology Officer for emerging technologies, Business acquisition integration and various Corporate level assignments.

Prior to PCTEL Kobrinetz was Vice President in many of Motorola’s businesses. He led Motorola into many new technology directions including broadband wireless access. As the General Manager (and Business Founder) of the Canopy Business he successfully transitioned the wireless broadband technology incubator into a commercial business with product development, operations, sales and marketing with a comprehensive line of products and customers in more than 85 countries around the world. This group formed the foundation for the next generation of WiMax wireless broadband products from Motorola. Mr. Kobrinetz also served as General Manager for the Advanced Products Division that designed and manufactured the first digital infrastructure platform that Motorola produced for the Japanese and various International cellular infrastructure markets.

Mr. Kobrinetz holds over 14 patents in communication components and systems. He earned a Bachelor of Science with honors from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Master of Business Administration from Loyola University in Chicago.