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GatesAir High-Power Transmitter Improves Coverage, Efficiency for Nova FM in Brazil

Systems integrator Foccus Digital cites lower energy consumption, modular designs as key operational benefits
Cincinnati, OH, March 03, 2015

GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, has delivered a high-power, high-efficiency Flexiva™ transmitter to Brazilian broadcaster Nova FM to increase over-the-air performance while reducing total cost of ownership. The 80kW solid-state transmitter will power high-quality audio across the States of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, covering coastal areas to the deep interior.

Foccus Digital, a systems integration firm based in Sao Paulo, designed and integrated the complete RF system based on the broadcaster’s need to cover every city across the two regions with higher quality broadcasts. The firm chose Flexiva due to its exceptional performance and low energy consumption at very high power, as well as a modular design that simplified the relocation of Nova FM’s RF facility from ground level to the 20th floor of its building. Upon going on the air this month, Nova FM’s signal will be clearly heard across every city in the two regions, enabling Nova FM to reach a much larger audience.

“GatesAir’s modular delivery makes it far simpler to transport and install high-power transmitters,” said Robert Houghtaling, business development manager, Foccus Digital. “The Flexiva has exceptional power density in a solid-state design, which makes Nova FM’s Flexiva the most compact 80kW transmitter we have worked with to date. GatesAir is offering an innovative solution for high-power FM that is hard to come by, as it’s not the kind of transmitter that just rolls off the assembly line on a typical day. They put great care into building a high-power solution that will reduce operating costs and improve performance for many years to come.”

Foccus Digital also cites the significance of commonality in spare parts to total cost of ownership. Along with a redundant architecture that keeps the Flexiva on the air through all procedures, working with fewer—and hot-swappable—spare parts simplifies maintenance over the long haul. Additionally, the reliance on fewer spare parts streamlines the process of procuring and delivering parts on short notice—a challenging proposition in Brazil due to stringent policies with equipment suppliers.

Prior to delivery, Foccus Digital traveled to GatesAir’s manufacturing center in Quincy, Illinois to run power consumption and transmitter cooling tests, which Houghtaling cites as a key selling point for Nova FM. While in Quincy, the two teams received training from GatesAir’s service department on installing the transmitter once delivered.

"The main reasons we purchased GatesAir transmitters were the company’s legacy, combined with high performance and efficiency,” Teodoro Fonseca, Tecnologia, NovaFM Brasil. “We analyzed several other transmitters and we ultimately opted for the GatesAir Flexiva. We took into account primarily the issues of power consumption, performance and the excellent support of Foccus Digital's staff, which provided expertise in the complete system configuration."  

The complete RF system, as designed, integrated and commissioned by Foccus Digital, also includes a new ERI antenna system custom-built for the high-power Flexiva. 

“This project with Foccus Digital and Nova FM was largely about striking the balance between operational efficiency and performance requirements for very high-power, over-the-air FM radio,” said Joseph Mack, VP sales, Americas for GatesAir. “The opportunity to work with both teams across training and other pre-installation needs was representative of the comprehensive, service-oriented approach that GatesAir is recognized for worldwide.”

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