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GatesAir Brings High-Efficiency Over-The-Air Radio Message to CABSAT

Company will emphasize strengths in turnkey over-the-air systems for high-power AM and FM broadcasting
Cincinnati, OH, February 23, 2015

At its CABSAT debut next month, GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, will demonstrate its leadership in powering and optimizing AM/FM networks at the lowest total cost of ownership.  In addition to supporting very high-power AM and FM systems across the Middle East, GatesAir’s experience in delivering turnkey RF systems ensures that its customers are covered from installation through commissioning. To assure optimal performance across networks of any geographical area, GatesAir additionally supplies all pertinent RF systems, including high-efficiency transmitters, antennas and auxiliary equipment. 

At its CABSAT booth (March 10-12, Dubai World Trade Centre, Stand F1-32), GatesAir will demonstrate a low-power version of its high-efficiency Flexiva™ FM transmitter, which can modularly scale to power networks up to 80kW. The company’s Flexiva AM transmitters also offer exceptional and performance for power levels exceeding 2 MegaWatt, ensuring broadcasters a long-term, high-quality solution that reduces operating costs and energy bills over many years.

GatesAir is a pioneer in high-efficiency transmitter designs, dating several decades to its patented digital AM Radio modulation techniques that balance superior audio performance with 90 percent AC-to-RF efficiency. These early strides in limiting energy and heat waste in transmitter facilities have evolved to the current generation of high-efficiency, broadband transmitters. Built on the company’s groundbreaking PowerSmart® 3D transmitter architecture, current-generation transmitters reduce transmitter footprints and rack space requirements by up to 75 percent; and enhance energy efficiencies to yield annual power savings exceeding 50 percent. The broadband amplifier designs of PowerSmart 3D greatly contribute to these efficiencies, while simplifying maintenance through modular designs, lighter weights and fewer parts.

GatesAir will also emphasize how investing in new infrastructure today can accelerate transitions to digital broadcast platforms tomorrow, while keeping overall total cost of ownership low well into the future. The company’s Maxiva™ VHF transmitters for DAB Radio will be demonstrated for broadcasters considering a transition to digital radio in the future. GatesAir’s flexible signal transport architectures support national rollouts with efficient IP-based, multipoint distribution models across large transmitter networks. Additionally, GatesAir Flexiva transmitters are capable of supporting DRM/DRM+ and HD Radio™ transitions in the field through simple, software-defined upgrades.

“GatesAir has a long history of helping broadcasters and network operators worldwide enhance performance and reduce operating costs for over-the-air networks, while opening doors for new revenue-generating, multichannel services that digital broadcasting offers,” said Alain Pecot, Vice President Sales EMEA, GatesAir. “We look forward to meeting with new and existing customers at CABSAT to help them address the challenges of optimizing analog networks today, and enabling multichannel content delivery at the lowest cost of ownership moving forward.”

About GatesAir
GatesAir, Inc. provides complete solutions for over-the-air radio and television broadcasting, leveraging wireless spectrum to maximize performance for multichannel, mission-critical services. Powering over-the-air networks worldwide with unparalleled reliability for nearly 100 years, GatesAir’s turnkey solutions enable broadcasters to create, transport and transmit radio and TV content.  With customers in more than 185 countries, the company leads the industry in innovation and design breakthroughs, improving efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership. Visit for more information, and follow us on Twitter at @GatesAir.


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