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New Intraplex® NetXpress™ audio and data networking platform integrates greater NOC redundancy and GPIO connectivity over IP and legacy TDM networks

Cincinnati, OH, February 24, 2016

At the 2016 International Wireless & Communications Expo (IWCE), GatesAir, a specialist in audio networking for public safety and emergency communications, will highlight two new features—Command Center and Contacts Module—that expand the capabilities of its Intraplex® NetXpress™ platform. Widely adopted by public safety and law enforcement agencies, NetXpress transports voice, audio and data over TDM (T1/E1) and IP networks cost-effectively and reliably.

At the IWCE exhibition—taking place March 23-24, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center—GatesAir will announce the availability of Command Center on its flagship Intraplex NetXpress system. While this feature was first introduced on the IP-only NetXpress LX model at IWCE 2015, this year marks its official release and expansion across the product line.

Intraplex NetXpress is typically configured at a head-end or network operations center (NOC) due to its advanced routing capabilities, while the Intraplex® NetXpress LX is often placed at multiple transmitter/receive sites. Today, should the main system at the dispatch center or NOC become inoperable—or be taken off-line—the Command Center feature enables the backup NetXpress unit to automatically come online and resume normal operation of a dispatch center. This flexibility of the feature enables reliability against several different failure scenarios including geographically dispersed dispatch center locations. 

“Seamless switching from the primary NOC to a backup site gives emergency first responders the reliable, uninterrupted service that’s critical to their mission of keeping the public safe,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer for GatesAir. “Command Center is one of many features we’ve added to Intraplex NetXpress to provide redundancy and guarantee up-time.” For example, at IWCE 2015, GatesAir added a backup network interface card that keeps the NetXpress network operating while eliminating single points of failure. 

Also being unveiled at this year’s IWCE is the new Contacts Module, a high-density GPIO module that supports 12 input/contacts and 12 output/contacts, while using very low bandwidth to preserve network resources. This module also allows general-purpose controls to be transported along with voice, audio and data via the same communications channel. For example, operators can control the base stations and other external equipment at remote locations, such as adjusting the volume and turning units on and off. 

Both NetXpress and NetXpress LX help ensure that law enforcement agencies, fire departments and other emergency response teams can reliably dispatch real-time voice and data across multiple locations and land mobile radio systems. Both offer low-cost scalability and built-in synchronization across multiple locations with Intraplex® SynchroCast3™ technology, while eliminating downtime through redundant designs.

“We designed Intraplex NetXpress for utmost reliability to help assure that sites and systems are never off the air,” Redmond said. “We’re also dedicated to expanding its features and capabilities to keep pace with the increasingly demanding work of our public safety and law enforcement community.”

To learn more about the Command Center and Contacts Module, and the benefits of the entire GatesAir Intraplex audio and data networking portfolio, visit GatesAir at Booth 2335; or visit the company’s public safety and government communications page on its website.

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