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White Papers: Radio Broadcasting

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Transmitter Power Amplifiers: Benefits of Size and Power Reduction
Martyn Horspool


On the benefits of using smaller, lower-power PA modules versus large higher-power modules in a transmitter

Interoperabilidad de señales FM multiplexadas compuestas en un STL, basado en IP
Junius Kim y Keyur Parikh

NAB Show 2018

Varias topologías STL MPX, requerimientos de red, y comparaciones de STL MPX de FM análogo, digital, e hibrido análogo/digital

Interoperability of FM Composite Multiplex Signals in an IP-based STL
Junius Kim and Keyur Parikh

NAB Show 2018

On various MPX STL topologies, network requirements, and comparisons of analog, digital, and hybrid analog/digital FM MPX STLs

FM Boosters 2.0 – It’s Not Your Father’s SFN
Rich Redmond and Hal Kneller (GBS)

NAB Show 2018

Current state of SFN/booster technology, strategy, network design, and deployment; many real world examples shown

Television Spectrum Repack – A Radio Perspective
Rich Redmond

NAB Show 2016

Approaches to mitigate off-air interruption, funds that may be available, and other preparation info for FM stations to consider

Distribution of the Analog or Digital FM Composite Multiplex Signal across IP Networks
Junius Kim and Keyur Parikh

NAB Show 2016

Review of various requirements, benefits, and network safety strategies associated with FM MPX signal transport over IP

Network Security for Broadcast Media Streaming
Keyur Parikh and Junius Kim

NAB Show 2015

Invasive security risks in AoIP, and various counter measures, operational practices, and integrated security features available

New Methods for HD Radio™ Crest Factor Reduction and Pre-Correction
Tim Anderson and Kevin Berndsen

2015 NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference (BEC)

How advances in the G4 Exgine can maximize HD Radio transmitter power utilization and efficiency using HCFR, RTAC, and more

The Role of Network Packet Loss Modeling in Reliable Transport of Broadcast Audio
Keyur Parikh and Junius Kim

NAB Show 2015

Discussion on packet loss impairments, modeling methods, analytic tools, and various mitigation techniques for different models

Broadcast Transmission Systems – Efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership
Martyn Horspool


How transmitter TCO covers energy-saving advances in solid-state RF devices, PA technology, cooling systems, and more
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