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GatesAir Connect: Virtual Events
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The completion of a GatesAir webinar qualifies for ½ SBE re-certification credit, identified under Category I of the Re-certification Schedule for SBE Certifications.

Special Series

GatesAir Connect: Virtual Events
Webinars and online meetings for the broadcasting industry


GatesAir is proud to present a special schedule of webinars and online events to keep you informed and engaged. This includes new product updates,...


Archive of Past Webinars

Intraplex Audio Systems: Customer Use Cases
Anthony Gervasi / Keyur Parikh

Recorded 4/21/2020

Review of multiple real-world implementations of Intraplex audio encoding systems to resolve complex content transportation challenges. We will cover hardware and software configurations, network...

Flexible Low-Power TV Transmission Systems
Martyn Horspool

Recorded 4/16/2020

TV Product Manager Martyn Horspool talks about our new and cutting-edge solutions for the unique demands of low-power TV transmission. Learn about compact highly...

Intraplex IP Audio Contribution & Distribution Capabilities
Keyur Parikh / Anthony Gervasi

Recorded 4/14/2020

Robust delivery of audio, data & control around the globe just got simpler with the Intraplex range of solutions. Learn about software-based solutions that...

Next Generation Radio Transmission Systems
Ted Lantz

Recorded 4/9/2020

Ted Lantz, VP/GM Radio Products Group, gives a complete review of new GatesAir products and features for delivery of radio content. He looks...

Advances in Television Transmission Solutions
Martyn Horspool

Recorded 4/7/2020

TV Product Manager Martyn Horspool discusses innovative high-efficiency VHF & UHF systems with power ranges from 5 to 150kW. He also introduces our updated,...

HD Radio™ Streamlined and Redefined with the Flexiva™ FMXi 4g
Kevin Haider

Recorded 7/30/2019

Ready to transition to HD Radio, or to improve your existing digital broadcasting setup? In this webinar and live demonstration, GatesAir's Kevin Haider...

Intraplex IP Link plus MaxxKonnect: Empowering STL and Remote/Live Application
Anthony Gervasi (GatesAir) with John Bohn (MaxxKonnect Wireless)

Recorded 6/18/2019

In this webinar and live demonstration, you will learn how today’s broadcasters are using the GatesAir Intraplex IP Link with MaxxKonnect for...

Essential AoIP STL with Intraplex IP Link 100
Anthony Gervasi

Recorded 8/30/2018

Over the years, GatesAir’s award-winning Intraplex IP Link platform of IP audio codecs has become the gold standard for radio STL/TSL...

Broadcast Antennas and Transmission
Steven Rossiter

Recorded 8/16/2018

This webinar from GatesAir’s Steve Rossiter delivers a crash course on all you need to know about choosing and deploying the right...

Transmisores de TV: Experimente la sencillez de uso (Español)
Gabriel Palmieri

Recorded 5/31/2018

Únase a nosotros mientras Gabriel Palmieri presenta las innovaciones en la facilidad de uso, mantenimiento, modularidad y control remoto de la nueva l...
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