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Spectrum Repack: Antenna, Line and Tower

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As with your RF system, it is wise to evaluate the state of your current antenna/line/tower configuration, especially if your station will be changing bands, boosting power output, and/or increasing the number of channels you plan to broadcast. You may want - or need - to take this opportunity to get up to code on antenna structure standards and specifications.

Key Antenna/Line/Tower Considerations

Determine if You are Changing Frequency Bands from UHF to VHF

  • If Yes → Antenna replacement required depending on frequency shift.
  • If No → Check antenna (broadband vs. single channel) order new if needed.

System Power Limits

  • Am I increasing RF power?
  • If Broadband antenna - check antenna power rating

If Needing a New Antenna

  • Cost and delivery
  • Installation and logistics
  • Consider incorporating Vpol to help in 3.0 mobile reception

Tower Structure

  • Tower analysis – does it meet TIA-222 Rev G specifications (Standard for antenna supporting structures and antennas)?
  • Will it support weight and wind load of new antenna?
  • Availability of qualified tower crews
  • Auxiliary antenna or back up site while main work is being done

Transmission Line/Waveguide

  • Check if existing line will work on new channel
    • Consult line manufacturer
  • Evaluate bandwidth and VSWR performance prior to antenna change
  • If line replacement is needed, establish budget early
  • Availability of skilled riggers/tower crews
  • Timing and unforeseen weather delays
Spectrum Repack: Antenna, Line and Tower image

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