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GatesAir与Dielectric合作,为Ethiopian DVB-T2转换解决方案提供服务

Dielectric,天线和射频系统制造商已经与GatesAir合作,为埃塞俄比亚全国范围的DVB-T2网络部署了一个大规模的交钥匙解决方案。在这几年的工作中,这个第二代数字电视转型项目在GatesAir在20165月赢得项目后不久就开始了。 Dielectric已经提前120万美元的Powerlite™天线,滤波器和相关的射频技术。

根据8月22日的新闻稿 ,该项目包括更新20个电视频道,跨越全国26个中低频超高频传输网站。 " Dielectric与该项目的主承包商GatesAir紧密合作,负责设计,供应,安装,测试和调试网络解决方案,以确保与所有站点的传输系统无缝集成。

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盖茨航空的Rich Redmond讨论美国电视重新包装的Tower Crew Crunch

In this info-packed article from Communications Daily, a variety of broadcast industry executives discuss the concerns, complexities, and strategies surrounding the shortage of tower crews available in North America as it relates to the FCC's deadline for the TV spectrum repack. As the sole representative of transmitter manufacturers in the group of article participants, GatesAir's Chief Product Officer Rich Redmond contributes to the conversation with insight on why wireless tower workers and broadcast tower workers are not interchangeable, and the impact that the 39-month timeframe has on the fluidity of install plans.

Tower Crunch Difficult to Address, Industry Officials Say

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