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Total Cost of Ownership –Technologies for Optimized Transmitter Systems
Rich Redmond


On proper TCO analysis to assess the true value/viability of transmission systems

Advanced Digital Radio: HD Radio, DRM, DAB & CDR
Tim Anderson


Comparison of terrestrial digital radio modulations and standards and the GatesAir products that support them globally

Synchronous Boosters for Single Frequency Networking and MaxxCasting
Tim Anderson and Hal Kneller (GBS)


Using the MaxxCasting system to improve FM signal coverage and quality across complex, difficult geographies

Application of Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (“MDCL”) Control Technologies to AM Tx Systems
Tim Anderson


How MDCL works to reduce energy consumption and decrease station costs without impacting audio quality or signal coverage

LTE Mobile Offload: Supplementing Live Service Capacity over Bandwidth-Constrained Mobile Networks
Martyn Horspool

Broadcast Asia 2015

Implementing LMO over DVB-T2 networks to aid mobile data networks and generate new income

Advances in Delivery - TV
Joe Seccia

NAB Show 2015

Over-the-air TV technology including LTE Mobile Offload and GatesAir's proposed contribution to ATSC 3.0

Broadcast Media Trends
Rich Redmond

NAB Show 2015

Discussion of global broadcast media consumption and deployment trends, including future plans for spectrum and evolving tech

New Methods for HD Radio Crest Factor Reduction and Pre-correction
Tim Anderson and Kevin Berndsen

NAB Show 2015

Methods for controlling and pre-correcting crest factor and peak distortion in HD Radio, and how the G4 Exgine can help

Total Cost of Ownership – Technologies for Optimized Transmitter Systems
Martyn Horspool

NAB Show 2015

How to properly account for TCO of transmitter solutions and how to evaluate long-term value and profit

Preparing for the U.S. Repack
Nathan Smith

NAB Show 2015

How GatesAir products and support services can ready American TV stations for the FCC-mandated spectrum repack
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