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简报: 电台广播

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Economic Advantages of DAB+
Jens Stockmann

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Focus on DAB+ and its impressive cost-saving potential for infrastructure and operation, including comparisons to FM and DRM+.

Methods for Mitigating IP Network Packet Loss in Real Time Audio Streaming Applications
Junius Kim and Keyur Parikh

2014 IEEE Broadcast Symposium

Causes and correction techniques for different kinds of IP packet loss in audio transport

Maximizing FM Coverage – Advances in Technology & Design
Rich Redmond


How to leverage SFN deployment and advances in program transport, network timing, and transmission systems to expand FM coverage

DAB+: Efficient Content Delivery
Rich Redmond


How DAB/DAB+ reduces power consumption while expanding content delivery capabilities

Transmission System – Total Cost of Ownership
Geoff Mendenhall


Understanding TCO by all its factors to evaluate what transmission systems provide the best overall economy and value

A Study and Comparison of Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for RF Power Amplifiers
Geoff Mendenhall

NAB Show 2011

Investigation/comparison of technologies to improve DC to RF efficiency of solid-state, linear, RF power amplifiers

Modern FM Transmission Technologies
Rich Redmond


Improving FM power amplification infrastructure via Flexiva solid-state FM transmitters

On Channel Repeater Implementation for HD Radio™ Coverage Improvement
Rich Redmond


Technologies and techniques for improving HD Radio coverage: SFN transmission; FM boosters; gap fillers

A Case for Digital Radio
Rich Redmond


Discussion on digital radio, including consumer trends, cost benefits, data content, and more
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