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RCC Radio Makes the Leap to IP
Radio World: International Edition, 2/25/2019
产品/解决方案参考: 广播电台, Flexiva DAX™ , Intraplex®IP链路

AGM Rebuilds in Bakersfield
Radio World, 11/20/2018
产品/解决方案参考: 广播电台, Intraplex®IP链路

GatesAir Elevates Efficiency And ‘Three Rs’ For WBTV
TV Technology, 7/11/2018
产品/解决方案参考: 电视台, 地面数字电视, Maxiva™ULXTE有加的PowerSmart® , Maxiva™XTE , 你准备好使用ATSC 3.0?

KBGZ Adds New GatesAir Transmitters
Radio World, 7/6/2018
产品/解决方案参考: 广播电台, Flexiva™高功率 , Flexiva™紧凑型

Transition to the Deer Park Transmitter Site
Radio Magazine, 6/13/2018
产品/解决方案参考: 广播电台, 终端到终端的无线电, Intraplex®IP链路MPXp

KWCO Gets Clean, Loud, Efficient
Radio World, 4/10/2018
产品/解决方案参考: 广播电台, 终端到终端的无线电, Intraplex®高清一线通™ , Flexiva™高功率

KOKZ Flies High With GatesAir
Radio World, 3/14/2018
产品/解决方案参考: Flexiva™高功率 , Flexiva™紧凑型 , 广播电台

WPFB and WNKN: Phoenix Rising
Radio World, 3/9/2018
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®IP链路 , 广播电台, 终端到终端的无线电

Pros and Cons of a TV SFN in Market 75: Part 2
The Broadcast Bridge, 1/27/2018
产品/解决方案参考: 你准备好使用的频谱重新包装?, 频谱重新包装:发射器和监控, 你准备好使用ATSC 3.0?, ATSC 3.0:发射器和监控, ATSC 3.0:STL和运输, Maxiva™ULXTE有加的PowerSmart® , 频谱重新包装:天线,线和塔

The Stars Aligned for This Three-Station SFN
Radio Magazine, 11/20/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®IP链路MPXp , Intraplex®IP链路

Smokestack Lightning and Liquid Cooling in Bridgeport
Radio Magazine, 9/18/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Flexiva™FLX与3D的PowerSmart®

BBN Spreads Message With GatesAir
Radio World, 8/9/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®IP链路

The GatesAir FLX-40 transmitter
Engineering Radio, 7/11/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Flexiva™FLX与3D的PowerSmart® , 广播电台

WGHP-DT is Repack-Ready With GatesAir
TV Technology, 6/30/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Maxiva™XTE , 你准备好使用的频谱重新包装?, 频谱重新包装:发射器和监控, 你准备好使用ATSC 3.0?, ATSC 3.0:发射器和监控

User Report: GatesAir Intraplex LiveLook Software
点击下载文件 [pdf, 319 KB]
Radio Guide, 6/22/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Intraplex®LiveLook , Intraplex®IP链路 , Intraplex®IP链路MPXp

WRAL “Channel 39 Club” Continues Broadcasting ATSC 3.0
The Broadcast Bridge, 5/30/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Maxiva™ULXTE有加的PowerSmart® , Maxiva™XTE , 你准备好使用ATSC 3.0?, ATSC 3.0:发射器和监控

WZFL(FM) in Miami Broadens Coverage Map, Audience Share with MaxxCasting™ System from GeoBroadcast Solutions
Radio Magazine / PR Newswire, 4/11/2017
产品/解决方案参考: MaxxCasting™, Flexiva™紧凑型 , Intraplex®IP链路

Zimmer Radio Group Powers Up With GatesAir
Broadcast & CableSat, 3/23/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Flexiva™高功率 , Flexiva™紧凑型

Zimmer Radio Group Powers Up With GatesAir
Radio World, 3/22/2017
产品/解决方案参考: Flexiva™高功率 , Flexiva™紧凑型

EMF Upgrades With GatesAir Custom Furniture
Radio World, 9/12/2016
产品/解决方案参考: 终端到终端的无线电, 广播电台

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