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Total Cost of Ownership

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Go Green, Save Green!

Start saving today! Evaluate your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and compare the difference that a high-efficiency transmitter can make!

Since 1922, GatesAir has a continuous record of working with its customers to provide best in class solutions. As the leader in the migration of customers to ATSC digital television and the U.S. Repack, GatesAir has continuously looked for ways to reduce the total cost of ownership of transmitter operations, while also reducing the impact of high-power transmitters on our environment.

GatesAir’s award-winning Maxiva™ TV transmitters use PowerSmart® Plus technology to reduce the total cost of ownership by a significant margin—as much as 40% over a ten-year period. While high-efficiency transmitters are the cornerstone of low TCO, you should also consider things like repairability, modularity, footprint, and several other factors that can help you select a reliable transmitter that will provide you cost-effective operation throughout the life of the product.

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Savings Beyond the TCO Calculator from Tube to Solid-State

  • Solid-state is safer and more reliable than older tube technology
  • 50V DC versus 36kV DC
  • Highest voltage is the AC power source
  • No arcing or sparking
  • No crowbar circuit
  • No AVR needed
  • New, modern power supplies easily handle ±15% voltage changes
  • AVR can easily lose between 2% and 5% of efficiency!
  • Better long-term stability and performance
  • Modern fast adaptive correction
  • No "aging" of vacuum tubes
Contact Us Today to Discover Your Total Cost of Ownership with our TCO CalculatorWalk through our TCO Calculator with your Regional Sales Manager. Step through each associated cost to evaluate your return on investment with a new Maxiva transmitter with PowerSmart Plus.

RF Performance in Today’s Transmitter

With major design breakthroughs and greater modularity than ever before, GatesAir UHF transmitters are able to assure lowest cost of ownership through reduced size, weight and energy use while improving performance.

Our PowerSmart Plus efficiency increases do not limit your power output, with gains in the high-power Maxiva UAXTE delivering 7.2 kW (UAXTE-12) and 9.6 kW (UAXTE-16) of pre-filter ATSC power to the broadcaster, significantly outperforming the competition with ATSC power efficiency of up to 50%!

Adding Up the Savings

Program Management

With Better Power Efficiency and Maintainability Comes Better Savings over TimeInstalling a new high-power TV transmitter into an existing facility with minimal interruption of on-air operations—it's not something that you do every day. But at GatesAir, we've been managing complex orders and installations for decades. From coordinating with other equipment and service providers to aligning our plans into your operating requirements, the experienced GatesAir program management team will make sure your transmitter installation is as easy as it can be.

Reliable Service

From experienced installation and field service crews to responsive factory experts, GatesAir provides the strongest service team in the broadcast transmission industry. Couple that team with reliable products, responsible service parts inventories and a demonstrated commitment to the industry, and you have a winning combination for long-term success.

Flexible Financing

GatesAir offers customers a wide range of choices on how to purchase new transmitter systems. From secured purchase loans to a range of leasing programs, you can choose the approach that works best for you. By working with leading financial organizations, GatesAir is able to offer you a selection of financing options and strategies to help match up to your business requirements. Some programs even include additional services, support equipment, and more.

Transition to ATSC 3.0

Thanks to PowerSmart Plus designs and the game-changing Maxiva XTE exciter, GatesAir's current generation of solid-state high-efficiency transmitters are the optimum solution for getting the most out of ATSC 3.0 / NextGen TV deployment.

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