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FM Transmitters

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Best of Show 2015: Flexiva™ FLXBest of Show 2015: Flexiva™ FLX
Flexiva™ FLX with PowerSmart® 3D

High Efficiency FM Liquid-Cooled Transmitter

The GatesAir Flexiva™ FLX with PowerSmart® 3D is a Liquid-Cooled FM solid-state transmitter family that provides today’s broadcaster with a...

Pick Hit 2011: Flexiva™Cool Stuff Award: Flexiva™
Flexiva™ High Power

Air-Cooled FM Transmitter for Analog and Digital Standards High Power - 5 kW to 80 kW

The Flexiva™ air-cooled FM solid-state transmitter family provides today’s broadcaster with a single transmission platform capable of analog and digital operation....

Pick Hit 2011: Flexiva™Cool Stuff Award: Flexiva™
Flexiva™ Compact

Air-Cooled FM Analog/Digital Transmitter / Exciter, Low Power - 50 W to 3.5 kW

The Flexiva™ Compact air-cooled FM solid-state transmitter family provides today’s broadcaster with a single transmission platform capable of analog and digital...

Best of Show 2016: Flexiva™ LX
Flexiva™ LX

Low Power FM Exciter / Transmitter - 10 W to 1 kW

The Flexiva™ LX FM solid-state transmitter family provides today’s broadcaster with a no-compromise, cost-effective transmission platform with features previously only found...

Pick Hit 2009: Flexiva HPX™
Flexiva HPX™

High-Power Transmitter for Analog FM and HD Radio™

The Flexiva HPX™ series is the next generation in high-power transmission for FM analog and HD Radio™ broadcasting. The Flexiva HPX...

FlexStar® HDE-200

Embedded HD Radio™ Program Exporter

The GatesAir FlexStar HDE-200 program exporter offers a simple and cost-effective transition to HD Radio. The iBiquity HD codec and encoding algorithms of the...

FlexStar® HDI-200

Embedded HD Radio™ Program Importer

The GatesAir FlexStar HDI-200 data importer accepts, manages and multiplexes all HD Radio Advanced Applications Services (AAS). This includes supplemental audio channels into the...

GatesAir’s unrivalled legacy in over-the-air radio reaches new heights with the Flexiva™ transmitter family.  The Flexiva range symbolizes decades of broadcast innovation and engineering experience, offering the industry’s most complete solutions to suit all over-the-air power and coverage requirements in FM and digital radio.  Truly groundbreaking strides in operational efficiency make high-quality broadcasting and low total cost of ownership a reality in equal measure.  

Flexiva transmitters deliver a robust, high-performance over-the-air solution for every broadcaster, with fully broadband designs that boost reliability and simplify maintenance across all power levels.  Built-in PowerSmart® technology enhances power and operational efficiency across all Flexiva solid-state and high-power tube models to accelerate ROI.  Compact, lightweight, modular and efficient, Flexiva transmitters help broadcasters save money and reduce carbon footprints in any scenario.  

Broadcasters also count on Flexiva as a single-platform solution for analog and digital broadcasting needs.  Quad-mode operation ensures that broadcasters can leverage a common solution for FM, HD Radio, FM+HD Radio and DRM+ digital radio.  The industry’s most flexible range of fourth-generation digital exciters guarantee that broadcasters can operate a reliable, high-quality digital radio service from day one, or quickly upgrade to digital via simple software updates.  Additionally, built-in real-time adaptive correction technologies ensure that broadcasters deliver exceptional coverage and maximize efficiency for FM and digital radio, while remaining in compliance with standards and regulations.

Additional Products & Accessories

AM/FM Radio Flyaway Portable Broadcast Systems

A Complete Radio Station Kit in a Box

Multi-System Controller

Multi-System Controller (MSC) - for Redundant Television and Radio Transmission Systems

Outdoor Transmission Enclosures

Diverse Options for RF Installations

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