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Single-Frequency Networks (SFNs)

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Radio and TV broadcasters have long embraced single-frequency networks, or SFNs, as the most efficient way to cover a market or region using the same channel. SFNs offer exceptional efficiency and performance for spectrum usage, as they can support many programs on the same frequency instead of using multiple frequencies to deliver content.

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Additionally, the ability to strategically position multiple low-power transmitters, translators and/or gap fillers around a market allows the broadcast to reach more of the population. In the United States, SFNs allow broadcasters to effectively use the entirety of their FCC-allotted coverage area. Around the world, SFNs help broadcasters and network operators and fill in coverage areas that are challenging to reach, whether due to terrain, distance or other interference-related issues.

GatesAir’s Intraplex SynchroCast® provides real-time adaptive delay for precise timing controlAs the world’s leading and longest-operating transmission supplier, GatesAir has long been an active, global supplier for SFNs of any scale. As the main supplier of MaxxCasting systems for enhanced FM radio coverage, GatesAir is well-versed in helping broadcasters increase their contour-to-coverage ratio. For television GatesAir equips and supports many of the world’s largest SFN systems for DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-Tb digital television systems. And with the emergence of ATSC 3.0 in North America and elsewhere, GatesAir has a tried-and-true portfolio of low-power transmitters ready to equip tomorrow’s NextGenTV networks.


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