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TV Broadcasters

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Over-the-air TV broadcasters face many challenges in today’s dynamic, multiplatform, multimedia landscape. Local call-letter stations and broadcast networks seek to maximize their viewing audiences through more channels and services, tailoring content to target audiences, delivering more local news, and effectively leveraging the content of the parent company. National broadcasters and international networks, often encompassing many established, distinct brands, must find ways to transmit content effectively and efficiently.

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All find themselves in an increasingly interactive world. More viewers are returning to over-the-air TV as a growing number of long-time PayTV viewers “cut the cord.”  Still, over-the-air broadcasters must compete for viewer attention - and ad revenue - as audiences put more emphasis on emerging over-the-top streaming and multiscreen models, where different types of content are available on different types of platforms around the clock. This consumer demand for “anytime, anywhere, any platform” access means broadcasters must evolve their business models and offer more channels while ensuring a reliable, high-quality over-the-air experience that will inform and entertain audiences.

GatesAir enables multichannel over-the-air television through bandwidth-efficient solutions that allow broadcasters to transmit high-quality, relevant content to viewers at home and on the move. Our reliable solutions allow broadcasters to deliver an engaging broadcast experience with a mix of local and network content to attract and retain viewers. Globally, our support of analog TV and all leading digital TV standards ensure our customers transmit content effectively, and embrace new opportunities in the linear/nonlinear TV viewing world.

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