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Network Operators

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The challenges associated with deploying and maintaining a digital network are considerable — from the significant capital investment to the ongoing technical expertise to the dedicated operational resources. That is why major broadcasters and content providers around the world are increasingly relying on you, the network operator, to take the content delivery reins so they can focus their valuable resources on the business of the content itself.

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Successfully operating large TV and radio networks with hundreds of transmitters and sites comes with challenges of its own. As a network operator, you want to help your customers find the best and most cost-effective way to deliver their content when and where they want it. You need platform flexibility to accommodate multiple standards. You need design efficiency to reduce costs and meet energy regulations. And you need transmission solution quality and reliability in order to deliver optimal on-air performance.

GatesAir has a strong legacy of providing end-to-end television and radio solutions that offer industry-best power savings and enhanced bandwidth efficiencies for high definition. We engineer highly reliable, flexible platforms that enable today’s network operator to accommodate a greater numbers of channels, reliably deliver high-quality on-air content and reap the business benefits of overall lower total cost of ownership.

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