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Intraplex Systems for Public Safety and Government Communications

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Intraplex® Access Servers

T1/E1 Multiplexers

Intraplex ACS-160 and ACS-260 Series Access Servers provide a single, high-reliability multiplexing platform that enables a wide range of mission-critical voice, data and audio...

Best of Show 2017: Intraplex® IPConnectBaM Awards Finalist 2018: Intraplex IPConnect
Intraplex® IPConnect

IP Networking Gateway for Reliable Data Transport

Intraplex IPConnect is an IP networking gateway solution for fortification of mission-critical communication across wide area networks IPConnect solves the problem of reliable transport...

Intraplex NetXpress LX™

Digital Audio Transport System for IP Networks

Unprecedented Flexibility in IP Audio Transport Intraplex NetXpress LX IP audio multiplexer delivers a high-performance IP audio platform in a scaled down, affordable package. ...

Robust, multipoint connections.  Flexible communication architectures.  Highly secure and available networks.  These are the tenets of public safety communications systems today.  And this is why emergency responder teams depend on GatesAir:  Reliable, high-quality communication of mission-critical audio and data from one to many points, across many municipal organizations. 

GatesAir Intraplex public safety solutions leverage the power of intelligent IP and TDM networks to transport voice and data with rock-solid reliability.  The always-on nature of Intraplex solutions supports immediate and precision-timed delivery of emergency response communications over secure connections.  

Flexible and scalable architectures eliminate the restrictions of point-to-point communications in favor of extensible networks that broaden reach.  For multipoint networks, Intraplex simulcasting solutions efficiently use the same set of frequencies for real-time communication across multiple base stations and targets.  Multiple dispatchers and emergency responders can clearly communicate information over the same network, with the exceptional quality and voice intelligibility that is a hallmark of Intraplex.

Intraplex solutions further enhance public safety networks with system-level redundancy to ensure constant availability; as well as outstanding bandwidth management to eliminate network congestion across narrow mobile radio connections.  Sophisticated network monitoring provides technical personnel with a comprehensive view of network performance.  GatesAir’s world-class service and support will ensure your networks are up and running quickly, with exceptional ongoing performance – ensuring the lowest possible total cost of ownership for your public safety networks.

Additional Products & Accessories


Multiple Transmitter Simulcast System

Intraplex® D-100

Infinity Data Module with Full Rate Flexibility

Intraplex® DA-212

12 Contact Closure Signaling Full-Duplex Transport

Intraplex® DA-91A

Two Port Asynchronous Data Polling Channel Module

Intraplex® DA-191A and DA-191B

Asynchronous Data Modules

Intraplex® DS-961DG

Synchronous Data Module

Intraplex® DV-600A

Secure Digital Voice Module

Intraplex® OCU-DP

Office Channel Unit Data Port Module

Intraplex® SCM-IP

Shelf Control Module for IP

Intraplex® VF-15 – VF-18A Voice Modules

2-Wire FXO/FXS Voice Frequency Modules

Intraplex® VF-25 – VF-27 Voice Modules

E & M Voice Frequency Modules

Intraplex® VF-28 & VF-29 Voice Modules

4-Wire Transmission Only Voice Modules

Intraplex® Product Family Brochure

Collection of GatesAir audio transport and monitoring products/solutions

GatesAir Corporate Brochure

Company mission and history, product and service portfolio, and more