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As a leader in providing innovative, reliable products and solutions to the world’s most important media companies, GatesAir knows that there are times you need that same reliability in service and support. GatesAir personnel with a long history of broadcast innovation and expertise are ready to help you with both day-to-day requests and unexpected issues.

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If you want technical training from experienced experts who have design, installation, maintenance and start up expertise – then you've come to the right place. Welcome to GatesAir Training Center.

We are the source for high quality Broadcast Technical and Operations Training which will help maximize the efficiency of your equipment and minimize the costly mistakes that can jeopardize your facility. With a variety of top of the line training solutions and high-caliber instructors, we can customize a learning solution that works for you.

Training Resources

Designed for operators and engineers, with a combination of classroom learning and hands-on exercises using actual GatesAir products, your staff will learn how to take full advantage of your GatesAir product and solution investment.

Since 1983 over 250 engineers from 60 countries have participated in this program. Click here for more information.

If you prefer individualized instruction, GatesAir on-site training is for you. Our educators will develop a customized program that focuses on your specific equipment, people and operations. We can also bring many of our standardized classroom training programs to your facilities.

To discuss training options that best fit your organization's needs or to reserve a seat in scheduled training classes, please contact us at or call +1 888 840 4622.

You can also register online at the bottom of this page to attend our classes.

GatesAir's Training

List of Available Training Courses

The completion of a GatesAir training course qualifies for SBE re-certification credits, identified under Category H of the Re-certification Schedule for SBE Certifications. Contact for more info on each course's credit values.

Introduction to Broadcast Transmitter Technology

This remote and on‐campus course is designed for the engineer coming from an IT / computer background who has the daunting task of Transmitter / RF maintenance. Without a solid foundation of RF – which is vastly different from IT – there can be struggles and shortcomings that can cost your station time and money. GatesAir has designed this course with you in mind, summing up the info that you need to know now.

With this top‐level course without all the math and calculations of previous RF101 classes, you will achieve an overall understanding to safely work on the transmitter system, learn the need‐to‐know topics that are unique to the RF environment, and gain a solid overview of test equipment needed for proof of performance.

Through three prerequisite webinars and four days of in‐person lessons and lab exercises, we will introduce you to a core variety of real‐world applications and critical techniques vital to today’s broadcast engineer.

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Factory Transmitter Training

Designed for operators and engineers, with a combination of classroom learning and hands-on exercises using actual GatesAir products, Transmitter Engineers will learn how to operate, maintain and repair your GatesAir Transmitter products.

Each GatesAir Training course will cover the following topics:

The following standard courses are offered by GatesAir at the Quincy, Illinois factory location for each of these current production and legacy products. (Contact the GatesAir Training Department for on-site or specific custom class requirements.)

  Transmitter Series Length of Course
Radio Products Flexiva FLX™ / FAX™ 3 days
Flexiva HPX™ 3 days
Flexiva 3DX® 3 days
Flevixa DX™ 3 days
Television Products Maxiva™ ULXTE 3 days
Maxiva™ UAXTE 2 days
Maxiva™ VAXTE 2 days
Maxiva™ ULXT 3 days
Maxiva™ UAXT 3 days
Maxiva™ VLX 3 days
Legacy Products
(please inquire for availability)
Maxiva™ VAX customized for client
Maxiva™ ULX customized for client
Maxiva™ UAX customized for client
Maxiva PowerCD® customized for client
Diamond customized for client
Platinum customized for client
Z Series FM customized for client
Sigma customized for client

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