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TV Accessories

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Intraplex® Ascent Media Gateway

Video/Audio/Data over IP Distribution System

Built on the proven, award-winning Intraplex® IP Link codec technology, GatesAir’s Intraplex Ascent Media Gateway platform supports reliable and secure Cloud-enable...

Maxiva™ OTGPS1U

Timing and frequency reference generators locked to GPS

GatesAir’s Maxiva™ OTGPS1U is a time and frequency reference generator (10 MHz and 1 PPS), in a compact 1RU rack mount chassis. ...

It takes more than a transmitter to operate a high-quality, revenue-generating over-the-air television service. GatesAir offers a complete range of products and accessories that broadcasters require to build complete, high performance RF systems.

Maxiva™ MNA

ATSC Distributed Transmission and Mobile Network Adapter

Multi-System Controller

Multi-System Controller (MSC) - for Redundant Television and Radio Transmission Systems

Outdoor Transmission Enclosures

Diverse Options for RF Installations

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