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UHF Transmitters

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Best of Show 2016: Maxiva™ XTEBest of Show 2015: Maxiva™ XTE ATSC 3.0 Guarantee
Maxiva™ ULXTE with PowerSmart® Plus

High-Efficiency UHF Liquid-Cooled TV Transmitter

The Maxiva ULXTE is a liquid-cooled TV transmitter that powers over-the-air delivery across the UHF television spectrum. Built on GatesAir’s groundbreaking PowerSmart...

Best of Show 2016: Maxiva™ UAXTEBest of Show 2015: Maxiva™ XTEBest of Show 2016: Maxiva™ XTE ATSC 3.0 Guarantee
Maxiva™ UAXTE with PowerSmart® Plus

High-Efficiency UHF Air-Cooled TV Transmitter

The Maxiva UAXTE is a compact air-cooled TV transmitter that provides over the air delivery in the UHF spectrum.  Built on GatesAir&rsquo...

Best of Show 2015: Maxiva™ XTEBest of Show 2016: Maxiva™ XTEBest of Show 2016: Maxiva™ UAXTE ATSC 3.0 Guarantee
Maxiva™ XTE

Software-defined Exciter for All TV and DAB/DAB+ Radio Standards

The new GatesAir Maxiva XTE exciter provides broadcasters with a powerful, software-defined platform, enabling the ultimate in performance, stability and durability. Featuring unparalleled signal...

Maxiva™ UAXT Ultra-Compact / VAXT Ultra-Compact

Low Power UHF/VHF Transmitter / Transposer / Gap Filler for TV & DAB/DAB+/DMB Applications

The new Maxiva UAXT & VAXT Ultra-Compact family of UHF solid-state Transmitters / Transposers (Translators) and on-channel Gap Fillers expands upon the proven foundation of...

Best of Show 2019: Maxiva IMTX-70
Maxiva™ IMTX-70

Low Power UHF Intra-Mast Transmitter / Transposer / Gap Filler

GatesAir’s award-winning product, the new Maxiva™ IMTX-70 Intra-Mast Transmitter, is a very compact modular multi-transmitter system.  It has been scaled...

Maxiva™ OP Series

High-efficiency air- and liquid-cooled, medium- to high-power digital and analog transmitters for VHF and UHF TV bands

GatesAir's Maxiva OP Series of air- and liquid-cooled transmitters are available in several versions with output powers ranging from 200W to 43kW average...

Maxiva™ PMTX-1

Low-Power UHF/VHF Outdoor Transmitter / Transposer / Gap Filler

GatesAir’s new Maxiva™ PMTX-1, is a complete self-contained, outdoor UHF/VHF transmitter system.  Housed in a completely environmentally sealed enclosure,...

Best of Show 2016: Spectrum Restorer
Maxiva™ ATSC Spectrum Restorer

Regenerative ATSC gap filler/on-channel repeater (EDOCR) with SFN capability

GatesAir’s new Maxiva™ ATSC Spectrum Restorer provides the capability to add an on-channel SFN gap-filler to an existing ATSC/8-VSB transmission...

Maxiva™ GateSwitch

Automatic switchover units for ASI and RF signals

GatesAir’s Maxiva GateSwitch N+1 or N+2 automatic switchover unit provides transmission redundancy and is the key to prevent transmission interruptions. The GateSwitch...

GatesAir’s legacy in over-the-air UHF is unsurpassed, with decades of innovation bolstered by a reputation for proven reliability and trusted solutions.  Recent GatesAir advances in UHF transmission efficiency – including its groundbreaking high-efficiency PowerSmart® architecture– have now paved the way for a new generation of UHF solutions.  These latest innovations significantly enhance the trademark GatesAir benefits that over-the-air broadcasters around the world enjoy today.

Maxiva™ UHF transmitters now incorporate GatesAir PowerSmart 3D technology to help broadcasters save money and reduce carbon footprints. PowerSmart 3D technology delivers superior operational efficiencies through fully broadband amplifier designs that simplify installation, improve performance, and streamline ongoing operation. Modular designs reduce weight, enhance redundancy and minimize overall labor. Flexible liquid and air cooled solutions enable operators to tailor the system to optimize operating costs. 

PowerSmart 3D technology also delivers industry-leading power-efficiency and physical size reduction to provide the best possible total cost of ownership over the life of the transmitter.

Maxiva UHF transmitters incorporate proven GatesAir technologies across all standards and power levels for enduring reliability. Collectively, GatesAir helps broadcasters deliver rich, multiformat over-the-air content for all UHF coverage requirements – from a single family comprising the industry’s most efficient, reliable and high-performance transmitters.

Additional Products & Accessories

Multi-System Controller (MSC)

For Redundant Television and Radio Transmission Systems

Dual Switch Controller

For Redundant Television and Radio Transmission Systems

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