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Radio Broadcasters

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Most consumers still think of AM and FM when it comes to radio, and despite competing media approximately 95% globally tune in weekly. While it is true that the lion’s share of over-the-air broadcasts remains analog, the winds of change are increasingly gusting toward digital. Many U.S., European and Asian broadcasters offer digital radio programming alongside traditional AM and FM services. Globally, several countries have announced digital transition plans, with analog sunset deadlines firmly in place.

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Analog radio remains an important connection for many consumers, whether it is their preferred choice of entertainment or their only reliable source of news and information. Digital radio, however, brings new opportunities to broadcasters and consumers. The increased capacity of the digital audio stream extends radio’s mantra of local, mobile and free by opening new revenue-generation lanes for broadcasters through targeted advertising. Additionally, digital streams make local on-demand content a reality — engaging loyal radio listeners in new, exciting and interactive ways.

GatesAir is the only company to support all digital radio standards (HD Radio, DAB/DAB+, DRM/DRM+ and China Digital Radio), and our over-the-air customers rely on our networking and transmission solutions to maximize new revenue opportunities. Regardless of whether you require support analog, digital or hybrid radio, our innovative solutions will help you achieve the outstanding sound quality and reception required to attract, retain and grow your audience share while delivering low total cost of ownership.

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