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Intraplex Audio Codecs for Broadcast STL and Distribution

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Pick Hit 2013: Intraplex® IP LinkBest of Show 2018: Intraplex IP Link 200APick Hit 2012: Intraplex® IP Link 100Best of Show 2017: Intraplex® IPConnect
Intraplex® IP Link

Audio Codecs for IP-based STL/TSL

The Intraplex® IP Link family of IP audio codecs provides high-end features at an affordable price. Offering an array of audio coding options...

Best of Show 2016: Intraplex® IP Link MPXBest of Show 2017: Intraplex® IP Link MPXpBest of Show 2016: Intraplex® IP Link MPXBest of Show 2017: Intraplex® IPConnect
Intraplex® IP Link MPXp

IP Link Codecs for IP-based STL/TSL

The Intraplex® IP Link MPXp provides robust transport of your FM MPX composite signal over IP networks Offering digital and analog MPX FM...

Best of Show 2017: Intraplex® IPConnectBaM Awards Finalist 2018: Intraplex IPConnect
Intraplex® IPConnect

IP Networking Gateway for Reliable Data Transport

Intraplex® IPConnect is an IP networking gateway solution for fortification of mission-critical communication across wide area networks IPConnect solves the problem of reliable...

Intraplex® LiveLook

Intelligent Network Analytics

GatesAir’s Intraplex® LiveLook application for IP Link, NetXpress™, and HD Link™ provides advanced network analytics and monitoring capabilities...

Cool Stuff Award 2009: Intraplex® HD Link™Pick Hit 2009: Intraplex® HD Link™
Intraplex® HD Link™

Digital 950 MHz STL and Data Gateway

The next generation of digital STL Our challenge: to design a studio-to-transmitter link (STL) for your most demanding 950 MHz applications — one as reliable...

Intraplex® STL HD

T1 STL System

Whether you’re looking for simple one-way audio transport or multichannel FM plus HD Radio™, control data, or off-premises extension telephones,...

Intraplex NetXpress™

Digital Audio Transport System for IP and T1/E1 Networks

A New Level of Performance Intraplex NetXpress™ takes IP audio transport to a new level of performance and reliability. It provides transport over...

Intraplex NetXpress LX™

Digital Audio Transport System for IP Networks

Unprecedented Flexibility in IP Audio Transport Intraplex NetXpress LX™ IP audio multiplexer delivers a high-performance IP audio platform in a scaled down, affordable...

Intraplex® AudioLink PLUS™

E1 System for Contribution/Distribution Networks

Solve Today’s Challenging Content Transport Requirements Radio engineers face the challenges of managing their broadcast program contribution and distribution and providing the...

Intraplex® CrossConnect Systems and Servers

T1/E1 CrossConnect Routing/Switching System

The Intraplex® CrossConnect system and CrossConnect server provide routing and switching capabilities for up to six T1 or E1 circuits, as well as...

STL Audio Networking

GatesAir Intraplex solutions deliver that rock-solid, always-on assurance that radio broadcasters and public safety officials require in today’s transport and communications chain. Built on a legacy of studio-to-transmitter link (STL) innovation, Intraplex solutions are synonymous with reliable signal transport and synchronization, ensuring that audio and data signals reach their destinations clean, on time and intact.

The Intraplex family envelops the entire signal transport spectrum, with tried-and-true fixed microwave, T1/E1 and IP-based solutions to deliver high-quality audio, voice and data signals. In broadcasting, these solutions reliably move single or multiple channels of program audio - and all program-associated data – between one or more locations for STL applications.

Intraplex solutions move beyond STL to studio-to-studio transport, live remotes, and content contribution and distribution. Flexible IP codec solutions enable efficient transport over the network for all of these applications, ensuring that broadcasters can effectively move content between locations for virtually any on-air need.


GatesAir Intraplex simulcasting technologies move beyond simple transport, helping broadcasters and public safety organizations maximize networking capabilities across challenging conditions. From reaching more listeners to increasing emergency response times, Intraplex solutions offer a reliable audio delivery solution for any situation.

In broadcasting, Intraplex simulcasting solutions address signal coverage across challenging terrains and large transmitter networks, with perfectly timed synchronization and delivery of on-air content. This is especially useful for single-frequency networks, where many low- and medium-power transmitters work in cooperation to boost on-air signal coverage to improve broadcast quality across entire markets or regions.

Beyond broadcast, these same simulcasting solutions – and other market-leading Intraplex audio and data transport systems – simplify mission-critical communications for public safety across cities, counties and states. Collectively, bandwidth-efficient signal transport and precise timing control technologies across RF, T1/E1 and IP connections ensure efficient and effective message delivery across many locations under frequently difficult conditions.

Audio and Data Networking

Digital radio and television has changed how broadcasters transport audio and data. Broadcasters require integrated stream transport solutions that bring multiple air chain elements together into a common platform. This simplifies the way that broadcasters move on-air content between components and locations, while creating new opportunities to simplify architecture and incorporate revenue-generating digital services.

GatesAir has developed groundbreaking audio and data networking solutions to efficiently serve today’s digital radio and TV environments. Market-leading IP transport solutions for digital radio simplify distribution across complex architectures. This includes HD Radio, where GatesAir’s complete multiplexing solutions combine multiple program channels at the studio - including audio and program-associated data - for seamless delivery to the transmitter site.

GatesAir also offers the only integrated solution for robust DAB transport over IP, using the advanced EDI protocol to contribute and distribute on-air signals across large transmitter networks. GatesAir’s transport solutions extend to the digital television space, with integrated exciters, demodulators and satellite receivers that can efficiently process many transport streams (ASI over IP, satellite and more) for distribution across over-the-air architectures – allowing TV broadcasters to work across multiple signal types.

Additional Products & Accessories

Access Servers

IT1/E1 Multiplexers

Intraplex® CM-30

IP Network Conversion Card for T1/E1 Multiplexers

Intraplex® Scheduler

Automation Application for IP Link


Multiple Transmitter Simulcast System

Program Audio Modules

Program Audio Modules for IP/T1/E1 Products

Voice/Telephone Modules

Voice/Telephone Modules for IP/T1/E1 Products

Data Modules

Data Modules for IP/T1/E1 Products

CC-2G Cross Connect Panel

4-Wire Voice Install Config Option for T1 Multiplexers

Intraplex® DA-191A and DA-191B

Asynchronous Data Modules

Intraplex® DS-961DG

Synchronous Data Module

Intraplex® DV-600A

Secure Digital Voice Module

Intraplex® OCU-DP

Office Channel Unit Data Port Module

Intraplex® SCM-IP

Shelf Control Module for IP

Intraplex® VF-15 – VF-18A Voice Modules

2-Wire FXO/FXS Voice Frequency Modules

Intraplex® VF-25 – VF-27 Voice Modules

E & M Voice Frequency Modules

Intraplex® VF-28 & VF-29 Voice Modules

4-Wire Transmission Only Voice Modules

Intraplex® VF-40

4-Wire Voice Transport Module for Land Mobile Radio

Intraplex® DA-212

12 Contact Closure Signaling Full-Duplex Transport

Intraplex® DA-91A

Two Port Asynchronous Data Polling Channel Module

Intraplex® PT/PR-153

Program Audio Modules (48, 44.1, 32, 24, 16 KSPS)

Intraplex® PT/PR-353

Linear 48, 44.1, 32 KSPS Modules

Intraplex® Product Family Brochure

Collection of GatesAir audio transport and monitoring products/solutions

GatesAir Corporate Brochure

Company mission and history, product and service portfolio, and more