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The transmitter site remains a critical element of over-the-air radio and TV operations, but a changing distribution landscape means that broadcasters require more confidence than ever that signals are reaching their destinations. Broadcasters need absolute assurance that their content is being transported reliably over the web and over the air.

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Intraplex Audio Codecs for Broadcast STL and Distribution

Intraplex Audio Codecs for Broadcast STL and Distribution

STL Audio Networking GatesAir Intraplex solutions deliver that rock-solid, always-on assurance that radio broadcasters and public safety officials require in today’s transport and communications chain. Built on a legacy of studio-to-transmitter link (STL) innovation, Intraplex solutions are synonymous with reliable signal transport and synchronization, ensuring that audio and data signals reach their destinations clean, on time and intact. The...

Intraplex Systems for Public Safety and Government Communications

Intraplex Systems for Public Safety and Government Communications

Robust, multipoint connections.  Flexible communication architectures.  Highly secure and available networks.  These are the tenets of public safety communications systems today.  And this is why emergency responder teams depend on GatesAir:  Reliable, high-quality communication of mission-critical audio and data from one to many points, across many municipal organizations.  GatesAir Intraplex public safety solutions leverage...

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