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Multichannel Broadcasting

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The competitive landscape for the over-the-air broadcaster is at an all-time high. From OTT television services to Internet radio to streaming apps, audiences have more options than ever while broadcasters navigate an increasingly fractured market.

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GatesAir products help set the standards for cutting-edge multichannel distribution, sending flawless signals from the studio to the consumerDigital broadcasting has provided broadcasters with a way to bring new services to audiences. As more viewers cut the cord, broadcasters continue to see stronger numbers returning to over-the-air television each year. Digital television’s more efficient use of spectrum, as well as increased multimedia capabilities in digital TV standards, are ensuring that these viewers have plenty of news and entertainment options to choose from. Meanwhile, radio broadcasters globally continue to take advantage of multichannel capabilities in today’s bandwidth-efficient digital radio standards.

GatesAir is one of the only industry vendors to support every digital TV and radio standard worldwide, and has the experience and know-how to help broadcasters best manage its spectrum for multichannel broadcasting. GatesAir’s transmission solutions offer exceptional bandwidth efficiency with plenty of headroom to deliver many high-quality digital TV and radio services with rich data, enhancing the broadcaster’s value proposition to over-the-air audiences for the next generation and beyond.


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