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Are You Ready for the Spectrum Repack?

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The Future of Television is About to Unfold

To help fulfill the increasing demand for wireless broadband access in America, the FCC set out to reallocate a portion of broadcast spectrum used by television stations and make it available for use by wireless carriers. To facilitate this process, a multi-phase incentive auction took place from March 2016 through the end of March 2017, generating $19.8 billion in gross revenues -- the 2nd largest auction in FCC history.

There were two parts to the auction: firstly, a reverse auction in which broadcasters will offer to voluntarily relinquish some or all of their spectrum usage rights and secondly, a forward auction of new, flexible-use licenses suitable for providing mobile broadband services. Regardless of the current RF channel, power level and geographic location, no station was exempt from the possibility of a channel change.

GatesAir is here to help guide you through this challenging period.

  • So what are the critical factors that every US TV broadcaster must take into account for the FCC spectrum repack?
  • How much time will the transition take?
  • What are the odds that it will even affect you?
  • What unseen costs or scheduling could negatively impact your station(s)?
  • And on the other hand, what opportunities await you as a result of this reshuffling?

GatesAir wants you to be aware of several items that will need your attention during this important time. We have analyzed and created a signal flow diagram from encoding through antennas to identify areas of your facility that will need your attention/review.

Are You Ready for the Spectrum Repack? image

The GatesAir Spectrum Repack Summit gathered some of the brightest subject matter experts in the industry, covering vital topics from FCC processes and tower regulations to what happens with next-generation over-the-air TV following the repack. This was a real service to everyone in attendance, and demonstrates GatesAir’s commitment to the long-term success of broadcasting.

Sam Matheny
CTO & Executive VP
National Association of Broadcasters

GatesAir ATSC Repack Roadmap Diagram

GatesAir – Your Partner for Spectrum Repack Solutions and Services

With nearly 100 years of experience in broadcast equipment manufacturing, servicing and support, GatesAir stands ready to provide guidance to assist you in these times of change. With the imminent prospect of a USA TV spectrum repack, many broadcasters may face unforeseen and complex challenges, including:

  • Transmitter channel changes, and/or new equipment requirements
  • RF plant upgrades
  • Antenna/line and tower implications
  • Planning a cost-effective and seamless transition to a new channel
  • Factoring ATSC 3.0 into long-term planning & transmission strategies

GatesAir Repack / ATSC 3.0 RoadmapGatesAir is ready to help you. With a strong leadership position in TV broadcast equipment manufacturing, our portfolio includes the most comprehensive array of products, services and support available. Our dedicated and experienced staff will apply their knowledge to help you understand the best strategy for your station or network. Our new broadband high-efficiency transmitter solutions represent the most cost-effective and well engineered products available, along with several innovative features that ensure the utmost in efficiency, bandwidth and reliability.

The "Learn More" links below will provide a deep amount of information and preparation strategies that you can use to evaluate your station's readiness for the repack. You will also find a wealth of useful knowledge and tips in the downloadable and printable Spectrum Repack / ATSC 3.0 Roadmap.

To learn more about how we can help you with your needs for spectrum repack or ATSC 3.0, contact our Sales team at +1 513 459 3400, or email us at

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