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HD Radio®

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While digital TV transitions are driven through government mandates, digital radio adoption is more often a choice. This is particularly true in North America and select international regions, where FM broadcasters have gradually adopted HD Radio broadcasting as a digital radio service. These in-band, on-channel services co-exist with FM broadcasts rather than sunsetting the latter, providing broadcasters and audiences with compelling programming options, hi-fidelity audio, and enhanced data services.

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The HD Radio architecture has evolved over several years through technical innovations that stabilize signal multiplexing and delivery, more efficiently manage bandwidth, and integrate enhanced feature sets. Most of these improvements were born through a more robust end-to-end platform powered through an increasingly software-defined architecture.

HD RadioGatesAir has brought its own innovations to HD Radio, now in its fourth generation, to each new iteration. This includes combining separate Importer and Exporter functions for program audio and data multiplexing into a single, embedded solution. GatesAir’s embedded approach has opened the door for new innovations, including dynamic time and audio correction for FM and HD time alignment, while virtually eliminating maintenance. Combined with the industry’s most reliable HD-ready exciters, GatesAir offers the industry’s most complete, feature-rich, IP-connected HD Radio solution for today’s forward-looking radio broadcaster.

For more information on HD Radio, please visit or the Xperi website.


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