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Public Safety and Government Communications

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Mission-critical is an often loosely-used term, but it’s one we take seriously at GatesAir. Broadcasting is a 24/7 mission-critical communications service that we have reliably supported since its inception. And for nearly 30 years, GatesAir has extended that expertise to the global public safety and government communications market.

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Emergency response and government agencies require robust, rock-solid and secure connections to reliably communicate critical information with pristine quality and intelligibility. These may be local police and fire teams responding to a neighborhood emergency, a network of regional municipalities communicating a broader public safety alert, or a government or defense entity addressing a national security alert.

Intraplex products serve as the reliable backbone of communications networks for police, first responders, flight control, and moreGatesAir’s intelligent networking solutions deliver all of the hardware and software tools these organizations need for secure, reliable communications over IP and TDM networks. Whether point-to-point or serving multiple receive sites, GatesAir’s networking innovations offer “always-on” connectivity with failsafe redundancy, support flexible and scalable communication architectures, and enable highly secure networks. With advanced innovations that address precision-timed simulcasting and delivery, bandwidth management and sophisticated network monitoring, GatesAir is the failsafe choice for any emergency communications strategy.

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