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IP networks have forever changed how broadcasters manage their content. GatesAir has long been on the forefront of intelligent IP networking for point-to-point radio STLs, multipoint audio contribution and distribution, and even high-definition video networking for digital TV networks.

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GatesAir remote management solutions provide broadcasters with maximum control, advanced system optics, and strong peace of mindIP connectivity also provides broadcasters with a direct way to control and monitor broadcast signals from virtually any location. This not only reduces time-consuming trips to the transmitter site; it provides broadcasters with a centralized bird’s eye view of system health, and a way to trigger IP- or SNMP-based remote control, monitoring and security functions over a single network connection.

Maxiva transmitters have responsive HTML5 GUIs that look great on desktops, tablets, and mobile devicesGatesAir has developed HTML-5 based GUIs and IP data backhaul solutions that at once establish more intuitive transmitter monitoring and system navigation, protect against outside intrusions, and establish reliable and secure network connections to RF control elements. Collaborative partnerships with leading broadcast control and monitoring innovators extend GatesAir’s reach beyond the RF infrastructure and into broadcast compliance, QoS/QoE, and even complete RF facility management.


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