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Reliable Transport of Audio and Data Over IP
Keyur Parikh

GatesAir Connect @ NAB Show 2017

Examines packet loss causes, reviews media transport protocols, and illustrates IP Link as a reliable, secure IP transport tool

Planning for TV Spectrum Repacking and the Transition to ATSC 3.0
Joe Seccia

NAB Show 2017

Discusses the planning process for repack, challenges to providing uninterrupted service during transition, and repack overview

Implications and Optimization of Coverage and Payload for ATSC 3.0
Steven Rossiter

NAB Show 2017

Examines trade-offs between data payload, number/,type of services to be carried, and continued coverage with 3.0 transition

Interoperability of FM Composite Multiplex Signals in an IP Based STL
Junius Kim and Keyur Parikh

NAB Show 2017

Reviews various MPX STL topologies, locations of needed elements, and networking requirements for robust signal transport

ATSC 3.0 - It’s More Than Just Television
Rich Redmond

NAB Show 2016

How the next-gen tech handles more than just UHD, including mobile delivery, emergency warnings, geolocational content, and more

Advances in High Efficiency Technologies for TV
Martyn Horspool

GatesAir Connect @ NAB Show 2016

A guide to GatesAir's TV product premieres and updates, with an emphasis on high efficiency, power savings, and TCO

Advanced Emergency Alerting: What, Why & How
Jay Adrick

NAB Show 2016

On ATSC 3.0's improved, more robust public emergency alerting system

Flexiva FLX Liquid-Cooled High-Power FM Transmitters
Tim Anderson


Showcase of GatesAir's new high-power, high-efficiency FM transmitter, including its breakthrough in liquid-cooling

ATSC 3.0 Modulation Update
Steve Rossiter


Explanation of ATSC 3.0 proposed technology, including update on live tests of LG/Zenith/GatesAir FutureCast system

LTE Mobile Offload
Steve Rossiter


Explanation and application of LMO as support for data mobile networks and potential income stream for TV broadcasters
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