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International Offices

Caribbean & Latin America Email: CALA [at] gatesair [dot] com  |  cala-orders [at] gatesair [dot] com

Europe, Middle East, & Africa Email: EMEA [at] gatesair [dot] com  |  emea-orders [at] gatesair [dot] com

Asia Pacific Email: APAC [at] gatesair [dot] com  |  apac-orders [at] gatesair [dot] com

For sales & general information, please call +1 800 622 0022

For 24/7 technical support, please call +1 888 840 4622

Regional Offices

Rich Redmond
President, GatesAir International
rich [at] gatesair [dot] com

Felipe Luna
Managing Director, CALA
felipe [dot] luna [at] gatesair [dot] com
CALA office

Andy McClelland
Managing Director, EMEA
andy [dot] mcclelland [at] gatesair [dot] com
Phone: +1 513 459 3418
UK office

Roland Schaller
Sales Director, Europe
roland [dot] schaller [at] gatesair [dot] com
Phone: +33 632 505 210
Paris office

Jason Mak
Sales Director, Asia Pacific
jason [dot] mak [at] gatesair [dot] com
Phone: +65 9833 6808
Singapore office

Kimbo (Jinbo) Zeng
Regional Sales Manager
kimbo [dot] zeng [at] gatesair [dot] com
Phone: +86 13801027317
China office