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GatesAir Boosts Network Reliability, Stream Monitoring for IP Transport

Automatic stream redundancy, official launch of Intraplex® LiveLook among the new intelligent networking innovations for radio broadcasters at 2015 NAB Show
Cincinnati, OH, March 26, 2015

GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, will illustrate the significance of network reliability and stream monitoring for radio broadcasters moving to IP transport networks. Exhibiting innovative methods to help broadcasters improve stream quality, broadcasters transitioning from legacy connections are assured a robust program stream for multichannel transport—along with detailed analytics to comprehend network performance.

At its NAB booth (C3107, April 13-16, Las Vegas Convention Center), GatesAir will officially launch Intraplex® LiveLook, a software program available with GatesAir IP Link codecs that provides real-time network analytics and activity logging. LiveLook’s graphically rich monitoring environment helps broadcasters determine the best recovery options for network issues that affect on-air performance, including IP packet loss. In addition to enhancing analysis of network performance and quality issues, LiveLook’s automated logging application simplifies troubleshooting and service-level agreement (SLA) monitoring through detailed performance data. Broadcasters can now study network performance trends over time, and anticipate potential problems to proactively solve.

GatesAir will also demonstrate new network reliability, redundancy and interoperability features for its IP Link codecs. At NAB, GatesAir will introduce a new dynamic jitter buffer sizing application to address constant variations in stream jitter and delay, which is especially critical for broadcasters using multiple network paths. With this integrated enhancement, IP Link codecs will automatically monitor and report stream jitter and relative delay between grouped streams delivered over separate network paths, ensuring real-time adjustments to compensate for network impairments—and resulting in robust audio playout and a pleasant listening experience.

GatesAir is also helping customers in IP environments concerned with loss of primary streams, and the associated bandwidth costs of running continuous backup streams. At NAB, GatesAir will introduce a new on-demand stream strategy with automatic switching that assures continuous service and stream availability, but only activates backup streams upon primary stream failure. This significantly reduces bandwidth costs for broadcasters operating on pay-per-use paths, as backup streams are inactive until needed. The on-demand stream feature is enabled through a secondary IP Link or any other standards-based codec, including software applications running on smartphones and tablets.

The overall suite of new IP Link features and applications, which also includes IP transport of time-aligned, program-associated data triggered through automation devices, collectively improves the value proposition for broadcasters considering, or in the process of, a transition to IP audio contribution and distribution. 

“Our customers are increasingly moving to IP as legacy transport methods become more expensive, harder to secure, or in the case of local phone loops, completely disappear,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir. “These new Intraplex innovations drive home the quickening ROI of IP-based audio contribution and distribution, and further optimize the use of IP networks to reduce complexity, increase reliability, improve overall network performance and drive down total cost of ownership.”

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GatesAir, Inc. provides complete solutions for over-the-air radio and television broadcasting, leveraging wireless spectrum to maximize performance for multichannel, mission-critical services. Powering over-the-air networks worldwide with unparalleled reliability for nearly 100 years, GatesAir’s turnkey solutions enable broadcasters to create, transport and transmit radio and TV content.  With customers in more than 185 countries, the company leads the industry in innovation and design breakthroughs, improving efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership. Visit for more information, and follow us on Twitter at @GatesAir.

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