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GatesAir to Showcase Robust Delivery of Public Safety Communications over IP Networks at IWCE

Intraplex® IP Gateway, LiveLook network analytics enhance strength and performance of mission-critical communications across multipoint communications systems
Cincinnati, OH, March 08, 2017

At the 2017 International Wireless & Communications Expo (IWCE), GatesAir, a specialist in audio networking for public safety and emergency communications, will exhibit two award-winning solutions new to the public safety market that will strengthen how municipalities and emergency response teams communicate over multipoint IP networks.

GatesAir’s Intraplex® NetXpress™ platforms have long been adopted by public safety and law enforcement agencies for reliable transport of voice, audio and data over TDM (T1/E1) and IP networks. At the IWCE exhibition—taking place March 29-30, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center—GatesAir will show its IP Link series of compact, cost-effective codecs to this market for the first time, making a stronger case for customers that demand the same reliability in IP transport that TDM circuits provide.

While NetXpress remains the core of a GatesAir public safety solution as the chassis that houses all voice and data modules in the system, the IP Link includes an IP Gateway that can enable reliable real-time transport of voice and data over multiple network paths. This extends both reach and redundancy for customers that were previously restricted to a single network path with NetXpress, ultimately improving overall reliability on unpredictable IP networks.

Much of this enhanced voice and data transport reliability is provided through standard, built-in IP Link features. This includes Dynamic Stream Splicing, a first-of-its-kind innovation that can send multiple identical streams over the same network or separate paths. In either case, the receiving IP Gateway automatically assimilates packets from each stream to avoid service interruptions from packet loss, sharply increasing reliability.

“This solution offers a cost-effective way to introduce system redundancy to the industry that previously could only achieve this using expensive enterprise routers that weren’t built for this market in the first place,” said Keyur Parikh, Director for Intraplex Business Unit, GatesAir. “The IP Link offers a compact appliance with specialized software that requires no extensive reprogramming to meet public safety needs. It is designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of reliable transport of voice and data over IP networks.”

GatesAir will also introduce its Intraplex LiveLook software application to this market for the first time to help public safety customers evaluate overall IP network performance. LiveLook is an invaluable tool for optimizing IP network performance, offering advanced real-time network analytics and monitoring capabilities that provide visibility into performance trends, along with insightful troubleshooting recommendations. The analytics capability of LiveLook uses specialized modeling to analyze packet loss patterns, and automatically communicates which mitigation techniques to apply within the IP Link. LiveLook’s rich monitoring capabilities collect long-term statistics on all audio streams and network paths, which customers can leverage for historical analysis and improved understanding of performance trends. Through better understanding of performance trends, customers can proactively prevent future network problems.

“While the IP Link platform will address packet loss for improved reliability and performance, it’s important to understand the patterns of packet losses and other network impairments,” said Parikh. “LiveLook provides our customers with a powerful, low-cost software solution to optimize techniques and overall network performance.

To learn more about the GatesAir and the benefits of the entire GatesAir Intraplex audio and data networking portfolio, visit GatesAir at Booth 765; or visit the company’s public safety and government communications page on its website.

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