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Harris Broadcast and Geo-Broadcast Solutions Introduce MaxxCasting Solution to Boost FM Radio Signal Coverage

MaxxCasting allows radio broadcasters to maximize market reach and capitalize on revenue opportunities while paving the way for targeted content insertion
Denver, CO, January 24, 2013

Harris Broadcast and Geo-Broadcast Solutions (GBS) are touting a solution based on GBS’ ZoneCasting strategy that will allow radio broadcasters to maximize market-wide signal penetration and revenue opportunities today — even as the industry awaits FCC approval for ZoneCasting.

The MaxxCasting solution uses a network topology similar to the ZoneCasting architecture for targeted, over-the-air radio broadcasting, but instead focuses on simulcasting content to improve coverage. It can be deployed today under existing regulations, expanding market coverage in a more sensible and effective way than traditional signal booster technologies.

“We often hear from broadcasters looking to take advantage of this network topology as our ZoneCasting petition to deliver targeted content moves through FCC approval,” said Peter Handy, CEO of Geo-Broadcast Systems. “The FCC rules currently allow FM stations to deploy boosters to fill in signal coverage gaps, broadcasting identical content on every booster. We have discovered that adding boosters to simulcast across the typical ZoneCasting topology can help broadcasters improve coverage. And the ability to reach more listeners opens new revenue opportunities through advertising.”

The MaxxCasting approach essentially maximizes market coverage today to attract more listeners and advertisers, and paves the way for the unique targeted radio advertising opportunities for which ZoneCasting exists.

“ZoneCasting was created to bring hyper-localization to over-the-air radio, bringing new advertising opportunities to local businesses and to allow stations of any size to better compete in a challenging landscape,” said Richard Redmond, vice president of product management and strategy, transmission systems, Harris Broadcast. “But a high percentage of radio stations today would like to improve their reach. MaxxCasting allows them to fill out the signal area that they originally purchased, to the maximum of what the FCC allows through their broadcast licenses.”

Harris has an exclusive, worldwide license to use and incorporate the GBS ZoneCasting software and hardware design into its Flexiva™ transmitters and Intraplex® SynchroCast® systems for deployment in ZoneCasting systems. Broadcasters would use these same tested and proven technologies for MaxxCasting systems.

The overall solution improves over existing signal booster technologies by minimizing interference while filling in the gaps of a broadcaster’s market coverage — in many cases working in areas where conventional boosters were not successful.

“Your investment is secure because everything you have done today provides a seamless upgrade path to ZoneCasting tomorrow,” said Redmond. “The payoff is clear, as MaxxCasting can help stations grow revenue today by maximizing signal coverage. Once ZoneCasting is approved, broadcasters can use these same boosters within targeted content insertion applications.”

About Harris Broadcast 
Harris Broadcast offers products, systems and services that provide interoperable workflow solutions for broadcast, cable, satellite and out-of-home networks. The Harris ONE™ solution brings together highly integrated and cost-effective products that enable advanced media workflows for emerging content delivery business models. Additional information about Harris Broadcast is available at