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ATSC 3.0: Encoding and Headend

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In ATSC 3.0 significant change takes place in the encoding of the main signal, and associated multiplexing, requiring entirely new headend equipment.

Key Considerations

  • For ATSC 3.0 - new equipment will be required:
    • New HEVC Compression, Encoders, Mux
      • High Efficiency Video Coding allows Ultra HD (4k) and exceptions in mobile HD capability at efficient data rates
    • IP Transport versus ASI or SMPTE-310
    • Multiple Encoders, as required for multiple services
    • Multiplexing and encoding separate and new equivalent to DVB-T2 Gateway. Provisionally named the “ATSC 3.0 Scheduler/Framer”
    • New PSIP requirements, and advanced EAS support
  • IP Transport allows use of cutting edge error mitigation and redundancy techniques, while lowering transport costs.
ATSC 3.0: Encoding and Headend image
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