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E-Week 2016 | Advanced Digital Radio: DAB / DAB+

Presented by: Tim Anderson

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In this webinar, we will discuss the digital radio service known as Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB.  We will explore the past, present and future of the technology, explain the inner-workings of the DAB system and look at its global impact on broadcasting.  We will compare DAB and DAB+ features and capabilities with other terrestrial radio services.  GatesAir is the only industry supplier to offer complete solutions for all digital radio standards – including DAB.  We will discuss the equipment and infrastructure required for DAB service including transmitters and head-end systems as well as GatesAir’s flexible and robust DAB solutions   

Biography: Tim Anderson, CPBE

With 40 years in the broadcast engineering field, Tim Anderson joined GatesAir in 2007 and is the Manager of Radio Product and Market Development. In this role, he has led the conceptual product development efforts on the HPX and Flexiva “FAX” line of FM digital transmitters.  Prior to joining GatesAir, he served as a broadcast systems engineer with iBiquity Digital Corporation, where he assisted in the development, testing and deployment of the HD Radio transmission system.

Previously he was a Broadcast Systems Engineer for Avid Technology.  Over the years, he has served as a consultant, and chief engineer of several major market radio stations, groups, networks and production facilities including Clear Channel, NBC and Walt Disney.

Tim has published numerous technical articles on the subject of digital radio broadcasting and radio transmitter systems. He holds The Society of Broadcast Engineers’ Professional Broadcast Engineer/Digital Radio Broadcast and Broadcast Network Engineer certifications.  He serves on the SBE National Board of directors and Digital Radio Mondial Steering Committee.

The completion of a GatesAir webinar qualifies for ½ SBE re-certification credit, identified under Category I of the Re-certification Schedule for SBE Certifications.

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