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ONETastic is now GatesAir S.r.l.

Acquired in May 2019 and still operating in Brescia, Italy, the award-winning manufacturer of TV and DAB transmitters is now part of the GatesAir family.

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On May 31, 2019, GatesAir announced that it had acquired Onetastic S.r.l (ONEtastic), a leading provider of television and digital radio transmission systems. With this powerful acquisition, GatesAir aimed to strengthen its transmission portfolio in key market segments, increase its already impressive innovation capabilities, and expand its commitment in growing global markets.

ONEtastic is now GatesAir S.r.l.

Headquartered in Brescia, Italy, GatesAir S.r.l. provides ingenious and easy-to-use television, digital radio, and RF systems to clients in the broadcast, telecom, scientific and government verticals. Founded in 2010 and previously known as ONEtastic, the award-winning manufacturer built a reputation as an innovator of reliable, compact, energy efficient transmitters ideally suited for broadcasters, network operators and government applications.

Now operating as GatesAir S.r.l., its staff and facility remain intact in Brescia, bolstering GatesAir’s growing presence and visibility in Europe. Its strength in high-efficiency, low-power TV and DAB radio transmitters complements GatesAir’s broad range of transmission solutions, and will help GatesAir better address the needs of large-scale over-the-air networks worldwide.

At work in the Brescia facility making low power TV transmitters

Product Approach

GatesAir S.r.l. is known for its award-winning design and manufacture of innovative equipment for analog and digital broadcasting in a variety of world standards and power levels. Its portfolio includes transmitters, repeaters and gap-fillers for low, medium and high power, GPS synchronization systems and automatic switching for RF signals.

Exterior of the Brescia facilities


Located a little over an hour's drive from Milan, the GatesAir S.r.l. facilities are located in Brescia, Italy, where many of our products are built and shipped. The Brescia plant is also a customer support center that can receive products for repair.

GatesAir S.r.l. takes a group photo


GatesAir retained the entire ONEtastic staff, and longtime ONEtastic CEO Luca Saleri remains in a leadership role as General Manager of GatesAir S.r.l.

Now operating as Head of Product Development, ONEtastic founder Carlo Bombelli is also a key contributor to the GatesAir team moving forward. A globally recognized technical leader and a co-founder of both ONEtastic and Screen Services, Bombelli has authored several patents and is the primary force behind the company’s ingenious transmitter designs.


Maxiva™ OP Series

High-efficiency air- and liquid-cooled, medium- to high-power digital and analog transmitters for VHF and UHF TV bands

GatesAir's Maxiva OP Series of air- and liquid-cooled transmitters are available in several versions with output powers ranging from 200W to 43kW average...

Maxiva™ UAXT Ultra-Compact / VAXT Ultra-Compact

Low Power UHF/VHF Transmitter / Transposer / Gap Filler for TV & DAB/DAB+/DMB Applications

The new Maxiva UAXT & VAXT Ultra-Compact family of UHF solid-state Transmitters / Transposers (Translators) and on-channel Gap Fillers expands upon the proven foundation of...

Best of Show 2017: ONEtastic Multitastic (Maxiva UAXT Multi-Compact)
Maxiva™ UAXT Multi-Compact / VAXT Multi-Compact

UHF/VHF Low Power Multi-Transmitter / Transposer / Gap Filler

The new Maxiva UAXT/VAXT Multi-Compact family of UHF & VHF solid-state Transmitters, Transposers (Translators) and on-channel Gap Fillers expands upon the proven foundation...

Best of Show 2017: OneDriver MultiD
Maxiva™ MultiD

Super-compact multi-channel DAB/DAB+ transmitter

GatesAir's Maxiva MultiD shifts the paradigm in multi-channel DAB/DAB+ transmitters. Until now, simultaneous broadcasting of 3 separate DAB ensembles from the same site...

Maxiva™ GateSwitch

Automatic switchover units for ASI and RF signals

GatesAir’s Maxiva GateSwitch N+1 or N+2 automatic switchover unit provides transmission redundancy and is the key to prevent transmission interruptions. The GateSwitch...

Best of Show 2016: Spectrum Restorer
Maxiva™ ATSC Spectrum Restorer

Regenerative ATSC gap filler/on-channel repeater (EDOCR) with SFN capability

GatesAir’s new Maxiva™ ATSC Spectrum Restorer provides the capability to add an on-channel SFN gap-filler to an existing ATSC/8-VSB transmission...

Maxiva™ OTGPS1U

Timing and frequency reference generators locked to GPS

GatesAir’s Maxiva™ OTGPS1U is a time and frequency reference generator (10 MHz and 1 PPS), in a compact 1RU rack mount chassis. ...

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