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White Papers: TV Broadcasting

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Transmitter Power Amplifiers: Benefits of Size and Power Reduction
Martyn Horspool


On the benefits of using smaller, lower-power PA modules versus large higher-power modules in a transmitter

Spectrum Repack – Issues and Challenges Encountered in the Early Installations
Rich Redmond and John Howell

NAB Show 2018

A review of several installations, real-world implementation trends, challenges to avoid, and preparing for ATSC 3.0

Implications and Optimization of Coverage and Payload for ATSC 3.0
Steven Rossiter

NAB Show 2017

Examines trade-offs between data payload, number/type of services to be carried, and continued coverage during 3.0 transition

Transmission Site Planning for ATSC 3.0
Martyn Horspool

NAB Show 2017

Necessary changes and transition strategies when moving from ATSC 8VSB to ATSC 3.0

High Efficiency DTV Transmitters – An Introduction to Doherty Amplifiers (English & español)
David Sparano


Dual-language exploration of the technology behind GatesAir's PowerSmart 3D / Plus high-power high efficiency UHF transmitters

Spectrum Repack – Your RF Plant and What to Consider
Martyn Horspool

NAB Show 2016

On transmitter, RF plant, transmission line, and antenna updates that may be required for a successful TV channel change

New Service Opportunities for DVB-T2 Terrestrial Broadcast
Martyn Horspool


How the DVB-T2 standard empowers broadcasters with higher quality, capabilities, and future expandability

Efficiencies in Broadcast Transmitters
Martyn Horspool


How the industry can take steps to improve power efficiency for economic and environmental benefits via TCO assessment of gear

Broadcast Transmission Systems – Efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership
Martyn Horspool


How transmitter TCO covers energy-saving advances in solid-state RF devices, PA technology, cooling systems, and more

Sistemas Transmisores de Radiodifusión ‐ Eficiencia y Costo Total de Propiedad
Martyn Horspool (traductor: Dave Sparano)


Cómo "TCO" del transmisor cubre los avances de ahorro de energía en dispositivos de RF de estado sólido, tecnología de PA, y más
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